New Technology Trends You Must Know, While developing Travel Business Mobile App


If you are a startup or an enterprise, this blog might trigger an interest to check out the features that might supplement your mobile app and make it more than just an app- an experience for your users!

In the 21st century, change is the new constant. Change is inevitable, even in mobile technologies. Each day, a new technology comes up and conquers the mobile world. You need to keep yourself updated in order to keep up with it.

Here we have gathered a few technological trends for you which will help you to upgrade your mobile apps for travel business. We have mentioned the current scenario for mobile applications and features that could change the face of the travel industry.

Mobile apps provide ease of bookings to the user. They do not have to go to any browser to open a site and then get confused with all types of choices available for them. While using a mobile app, they get a proper list for their commute and hotels or motels where they wish to stay. Now, with the customization available the users are able to filter out the prices, timings, areas to stay and other things. Such apps are much preferred among the customers which provide means of commute as well as the staying options all at one platform.

There are various sites like booking.com, Hopper app etc which are making travelling for their users a cakewalk. Hopper app claims to have helped more than 30 million travellers to complete their trips around the world. Booking.com is working around 70 countries worldwide and their app is available in more than 40 languages.

What is the secret of their success? The current Trends of Travel & Tourism Industry that they have followed :

» Hopper – The Travel App, has just announced $ 62 million funding ($82 million Canadian). It seems they could raise 90% of their revenue through push notifications only.

» They claim to predict the flight rates for up to 1 year with 95% accuracy! How? The AI algorithms work along with their study of booking behaviour.

» They are booking around 1 million flights per day. Some really catchy features like ‘secret fares’ really have raised their booking bar.

» Booking.com follows similar strategy. It has been in the market for more than 10 years now. They understood the importance of user experience too early. The app was designed for the consumers to provide them with an experience and maximize conversion.

» The most prominent feature on the platform is the ‘Search’ feature. Booking.com believed in constant iterations on their app to engage the consumers better but they kept their core the same.

5 Lessons That can be Learned from Hopper & Booking.com Before Developing Successful Travel Apps

» User experience is the key.

» Constant changes to target the right at right time is necessary but stay true to your roots.

» Providing a good deal is all that matters.

» Personalized notifications play an important role in closing the deals.

» Getting new technology is the need of hour.

Which new tech trends you can opt for in 2019 for mobile apps?

» Era of Voice Search:

To empower the search feature, the voice search technology will create a connected and consistent platform. The consumers will have the facilities to manage everything, right from comparing flight options, getting flight departure times and booking hotels and flights through voice search across different devices. Travellers will enjoy comforts of communicating with virtual assistants without having to use their typing abilities. Voice search will meet the needs of travel agents and the travellers and provide better connection than the old chat support. The notifications too will be made personalized by using the voice assistants.

» AI algorithms:

Like Hopper, you can also build AI based solutions. As it is being said, AI is the future. Through the artificial intelligence, you can conquer the world. The technology can be used to predict the user searches and optimise them. User generally do not consider going for the lowest prices if they get better deals. The AI algorithms can do just that. Get your user better future deals.

» VR based solutions:

People are getting more and more comfortable with the usage of virtual reality. You might want to give your users a taste of what the real experience could be. The VR technology will be seen transforming the face of travel industry in the near future.

» PWA:

You need to make sure people can use your apps even when there is unavailability of network. Having a progressive web app which can run offline can ensure the customer that they will be offered best experience. These apps are a hybrid of a mobile application and web pages and can do wonders for your business.

» Biometric security:

Like every house needs a security, your mobile app which is a door to your database should be secured with the biometric technology. The app should be secured with the user’s fingerprint or even face recognition. This will give the users a sense of security and develop a bond of trust.

So, do you want to build your own mobile app powered by the new technologies or you wish to upgrade your app with these technologies? Coruscate has a team of highly experience developers who can dig deep into your needs and get you a great product. Give us a call or get in touch with us through our Contact Us Form.

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