Top Reasons to Invest In Healthcare Apps to Dominate 2018


Healthcare is a growing and evolving niche, and a lot of businesses are attracted towards it for various reasons. With consumers looking for convenience in ways to identify the best doctors in their field of concern to getting the medicines, the healthcare niche is looking at technology to identify ways to have things more organized.

Let’s look at a scenario from the past. The hospital places an order for all the cleaning supplies and gets notified that the supplies need to be replenished manually. The admin used to manually place the orders, check into the supplies and make sure the stack is complete. Fast forward to days with technology.

Today, there is an app that connects the admin with each room in the hospital. They know when the bins are full and ready to be emptied. They know when the cleaning supplies are about to end. In fact, their inventory management has automated the task of calling for more supplies immediately. Such is the impact caused by technology in healthcare. The use of mobile apps has become the norm for the industry, and it is impossible to function without an app.

From gathering data about the abnormalities to the patient data to building insights and analyzing the insights for functional solutions, the mobile app is everywhere.

If your business is still in the consideration stage on whether or not to dive into healthcare, here are positive reasons you ought to do it now!

Reasons To Move Into Healthcare

The healthcare segment is constantly evolving and continuously growing. It may be a late adopter of IT as against retail and finance but, it is definitely one of the most evolving and advanced sectors as of now. The introduction of IT to this industry has made it more efficient and has resulted in increased accessibility for the patients.

If statistics are anything to go by the mhealth sector was a $23Bn industry in 2017 and is expected to grow by 35% CAGR by 2019.

Investors are largely attracted by the healthcare segment, and if you closely observe, there has been a huge deal of investment in health tech industry. Innovaccer is an excellent example of how an app from the healthcare segment received the maximum funding.

Advancements in the industry are remarkable as a result of the influx of technology

From consumer’s point of view, the whole industry has become a convenience, comfortable, usable and accessible

Consumer demand plays an important role in ensuring sufficient supply. There are a lot of gaps in the healthcare industry, and the need for convenience has increased several times. This is the right time for your business to enter the healthcare segment with good health apps. The consumer has moved to mobile apps thus, leading to an increase in the demand for mhealth.

From maintaining the records to checking them with ease, the mobile app is indeed the best solution for the mobile consumer. It is not just about investing in technology but also about investing in informed decisions. The consumer can get the right content at the right time and make a decision as quickly as possible, with the mobile app. The cloud-based mobile app solution has led to better patient outcomes and led to immediate care. The patients are empowered and can make their choices as necessary.

The new healthcare sub-sectors have come into existence and seek remedies that are immediate. Pre-diabetes and diabetes have become very common among individuals. There is a huge amount of data available for this segment. It is important for businesses to consider these segments as well, and try to find ways to improve the caregiving. Telemedicine is another sub-sector that needs mobile app solutions. This increasing need for alternate solutions calls for businesses to invest in mobile app solutions.

Key Factors To Consider For Healthcare Apps


When you are developing a healthcare app solution for the needs stated by the consumer, the solution is as important as the strategy and the final outcome. Here are a few points that every healthcare app developer should consider before staging their mobile app live.

  • Healthcare Standards: This might be the first thing to consider before developing your very first healthcare app. HIRA privacy and security standards should be enforced into your app to make it trustworthy for the patients. Make sure you have listed out the healthcare requirements for which you are planning to develop the app. The outline of the mobile app should be clear and concise. The target audience should be clearly specified at the start of the development.
  • A simple UI/UX: A UI/UX is the next thing you might want to consider. The app has a defined audience, and you already know how they consume the mobile app. You might want to work on a usable and simple UI so that they can browse the app easily. The UI should be clean, with just the right amount of white space. The idea is to keep the user on the app and ensure a safe exist whenever they wish to move away from the app.
  • On-boarding Process: The users should be able to on-board the app easily. The app should include their prior learnings to formulate the screen and the navigation. The buttons and text sizes should be in line with the target audience and how they consume the app. Make sure the learning curve is as small as possible.
  • Interoperability: Different hospitals use different software solutions. You might want to make sure your app is operable across the different institutions thus making it easier for your audience. Integrating third-party software solutions into your app should be easy for you.
  • Check for Mistakes: These mistakes we are talking about are the ones others have made in their mobile app solutions. You might want to make sure you don’t repeat them. Do a thorough study of all your competition apps, and make sure you are in the clear before you start developing the mobile app.

Keep up with the trends in the healthcare industry, so that you can develop a solution that works fine for you.

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Mobile apps are gaining importance in the healthcare segment, and it will make life more convenient for the users, including the patients, hospitals, doctors and caregivers. The idea is to detail out the mobile app before you get started with the development so that there is no functionality or feature flaw.

If you are looking for mobile app development in healthcare niche or any other niche, connect with us. Coruscate has been working towards making the diverse industries efficient with our thorough, feature-oriented and user-centric mobile apps.

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