Top On-Demand Taxi Applications in London in 2022

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On-demand taxi applications offer convenience to its users. How easy is it to just order a taxi on your phone and have it come right up to you. Compared to the situation a decade ago, there is a stark difference. Ride hailing apps have become rather more popular after the pandemic because of the fact that you come in contact with less people while traveling. 

Here are the top taxi apps in London in 2022

These applications are available on iOS and Android.


Gett is a black cab offering a fixed-fare charge. It is a premium cab service in London which also has the option of Electric Taxis. Black cabs means quicker drop off and pick up. Few other features are 

  • All taxi drivers have a minimum of 4.5/5 star rating. 
  • Drivers have at least a 2 year experience of driving in London 
  • All drivers are fully licensed


The ever-popular Uber. The name is often used synonymously with on-demand taxi service. It has become so natural for people to say, ‘Get an uber’ or I am taking an ‘uber’ but end up taking any on-demand taxi service not necessarily just Uber. 

So the name is synonymous with the service. It is popular all across the world and the same is the case in London. It is a simple ride sharing app which allows 

  • Pick up and drop all across London 
  • Licensed drivers 
  • Budget-friendly and convenient rides 

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Free Now

FREE NOW is Europe’s “most popular taxi app”, with 100,000 registered taxi drivers in over 100 cities. You can also pre-book, all drivers are licensed and you can also save driver information to request them specifically. But it is not uncommon for drivers to cancel on you.

Free Now gives you a black cab experience for the right price. 

Addison Lee

Addison Lee offers elevated and reliable service usually reserved for longer hauls, like trips to the airport or special occasions for hopping around London during your trip.

It is a premium cab service in London and you can take a ride for a luxe experience. 


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