Important Lessons to Consider When Developing an On-demand Uber for Freight App from US based Freight Company which Raises $50Mn in Funding

Consider these important lessons when developing and On demand app

Akin to most industries in the present times, the trucking industry has also undergone Uberization.

In 2017, the U.S. trucking industry generated total revenue of $700Bn. A good 84% of the freight is moved around by the trucks.

If reports are to believed, then the trucking industry takes up almost 39Bn gallons of diesel fuel to transport the freight. Trucking is an important and valuable asset for the logistics industry, and it is the one that runs the U.S. logistics.

With the eCommerce industry and top players in retail offering same-day deliveries and improving the efficiency of their supply chain, it has become all the more important for the trucking industry to survive amidst competition by differentiating its offering.

Flock Freight offers a full truckload service. It has been offering its service in the stealth mode for a while now and has finally come out offering a better and efficient supply chain and improving the distribution. In fact, it supports the hub and spoke model and offers better services to the shippers.

Recently, the company raised $50Mn in funding. With this funding, the company aims to improve the way the smaller load is moved around. With this funding, they can get smaller orders delivered efficiently. The idea was to carpool with the small and mid-sized trucking companies and connect these companies with the shippers.

The idea is to collect the freight from different shippers, use the trucking service and optimize the delivery route for a good amount of fuel and cost-saving. The shippers are charged for the space they use, and this works for the company.

Some details about Flock Freight

  • The company was formed with the single vision of eliminating waste and increasing efficiency within the freight industry
  • They have reinvented trucking by using a single full-load truck and optimizing the delivery route accordingly, instead of taking smaller trucks in more quantity
  • The company uses freight logistics technology that is different and customized
  • There are 10k+ active carrier network and over 1000+ shippers
  • They offer a single marketplace for the shippers and carriers by guaranteeing delivery and the whole app is pretty effective and easy to use. 

If you are planning to develop an efficient app that can resolve all the troubles you are facing in the trucking industry, then you need to plan the app well.

Here, we will take you through the solutions and features that you need to consider.

Reasons for a Trucking App


  • The first reason to think of developing an Uber for freight app would be to offer a complete end-to-end solution for all the transportation management activities. This will enhance the whole experience for the trucking industry. It will cut down the spending on logistics and make it more manageable and efficient. The process will be simplified and the entire paperwork, as well as costs, will be reduced. With the app, you can manage the inventory and ensure tracking in real-time. You can easily know the trucker who will be on duty and manage their entry and exit through biometrics connected to the app. Last-mile deliveries, optimizing route and even managing logistics during emergency situations can be handled through the app
  • The Freight app can help with last-mile deliveries for a number of industries, which in turn can help with the expansion of the business. it will not just help you improve your core, but also enhance the way you work and the kind of efficiency you offer. From managing the bookings to handling the dispatches, the Uber app will be responsible for almost all the work related to logistics and trucking
  • You will be able to help and support your customers through the app directly. In case they want to share their feedback, they can do so with the app. The app will also allow them to share their concerns, ask their queries and seek immediate support from the business support team.

Features to Introduce in your Freight App


  • The Login Screen: The user should be able to login or register with ease, and minimal learning curve. The login screen should be there for both the driver and the shipper app. You can use the social media accounts to allow easy and fast registrations. The account will give out complete details of the user and make the registration smooth for them
  • Bookings: Scheduling a freight or booking the shipping should be easy. It should be akin to booking the cab. You should book the carrier for a particular date and time. In case your choice of carrier is unavailable, you can either make the booking for another date or choose another carrier
  • The vehicles: The shippers should be able to choose the vehicle. This will be dependent on the type of commodity, the weight and the size of the cargo. Once you enter the details, the app should show the types of vehicles you can choose from
  • Tracking the Fleet: The shipper should be able to track the vehicle driving their shipment with ease. It should be available in real-time. this tracking will enable the shippers to know when the cargo is likely to be delivered. 
  • In-app Payments: This feature will enable the shippers to pay for the logistics in real-time and will offer them the facility of going cashless. You will need to choose a safe and secure payment gateway that will help in managing the payments
  • Ratings and Reviews: It is important that both the shippers and the carriers be able to view the ratings and review. It is an important factor in making the choice

In the case of carriers, there are a few features that will enhance the experience

  • Request Approval: The carrier should be allowed to accept or reject the request for the shipment. 
  • Sorting: The carrier should be able to sort the different shipment based on their schedule, pickup location and cargo type
  • Route Optimization: If the deliveries are along the same route, the carrier should be able to optimize the route to save the fuel and manage all the deliveries on the same day

Apart from these must-have features, the app should also have features that can help align the shipment schedules and make sure the shipment is not mixed up. 

Summing Up


Coruscate understands how deep the trucking industry is, and has a clear idea of how to go about the solution without compromising on the requirements, the ideal solution or the quality. We have experience of delivering on-demand freight app development San Diego solutions, after thoroughly validating the solution and identifying the solution to the problem we aim to clear.

A basic chart for P2P payments app development cost is as follows:

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