Top Companies Built Their Website Using Python Framework


If you look at the software world today, you would observe the presence of over 1000+ programming languages, each with updated versions. It is flooded with different technologies, software solutions, and languages that seem to overlap each other, and proceed to offer a seamless solution to the end users.

Choosing a language to code your website or application is always the most difficult choice, one that you have to make after thinking through all the possible pros and cons.

Python is one of the finest and most sought-after programming languages in the modern world, owing to its simplicity and re-usability components. This framework has changed how developers code, and how they design software applications.

Some of the top business websites have been developed using this framework. Here, we will take you through all the applications and websites for the top companies that have been developed using Python and the reason behind using this framework.


How many of you knew this already? Google has been a great supporter of this framework since its inception, and for all the right reasons.

Google decided to use C++ where they needed more memory control while decided to use Python for better maintenance and accelerated deployment of the needs.

Most of the scripts that were written in Perl or Bash were later recorded into Python for the acceleration in response and flexibility it offers. They even converted the web-crawling spider into Python for the simplicity of coding and readability they required.

Python is the primary official language for the company followed by C++ and Java, which are used in production.



Python is the third and one of the most popular programming languages used by this social media platform. A total of 5000 commits are being managed by this language along with other services and infrastructure including binary distribution, hardware imaging and operational automation.

Why Facebook opted for Python?


One of the main reasons being the easy maintenance that the coding allows.

Secondly, the production engineers don’t need to spend their time writing the code, which allows them more time to produce improvements and make live changes in the framework, thus accelerating deployment of the applications.

The use of this programming language also allows easy and efficient scalability of the application. The programming language manages multiple services within infrastructure management such as TOR-config which is aimed at handling network switching setup as well as imaging. It also manages FBOSS as well as scheduling and execution of the maintenance work.



Spotify is a well-known music streaming application, and it uses Python to ensure quick and easy streaming of the music to the users. The increased responsiveness of the application is wholly due to the programming language on which it has been built.

ZeroMQ is the networking library and framework, which has been written using Python, which allows for the back-end communication of this music streaming solution. No wonder, the app has efficiently managed its responsiveness.

The development i.e. writing and coding is faster with Python. This programming language with its fast event loop and asynchronous API, allows faster updates to the Spotify platform.

Lugi, the Python module that syncs with Hadoop is used to leverage on the data available with Spotify to make personalized recommendations.

The effectiveness and efficiency of the platform is because it uses 6k individual Python processes that work in sync with the nodes along Hadoop clusters.



Quora is used by millions, as it offers the best answers generated by users for the questions you may have. The founder of the platform Charlie Cheever had narrowed their programming language choices to Python, C#, Java and Scala, and finally chose Python for its improved ability towards accelerating both development and deployment.

However, they did not choose Python to develop the entire application, just where they felt the need for the language. C++ was used for most of the critical aspects of the application. They used a combination of Java and Python for improving the server-client interactions for reduced page loads.



The efficiency of Dropbox is majorly because of the inclusion of Python framework. The company had the creator of Dropbox officially appointed in their company as the engineer for the language, as per the terms stated by the creator himself.

With the help of Python, the company was able to include the data-store sharing capabilities to their community within the first year.

They have an API coded in Python, which allows you to check the libraries and other proprietaries of the company. The client-side interface for Dropbox has been coded using Python.

Summing up


Python has also been ably used in Netflix, and YouTube, and has allowed live streaming abilities for both the applications.

If you want to develop a real-time application or a client-server interaction interface, you can develop a holistic solution using Python. We have successfully delivered a number of solution using this programming language. Connect with us for Python application development services.

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