How to Launch a Successful e-Scooter Sharing Business in Europe (Germany)?

How to Launch a Successful e-Scooter Sharing Business

The e-scooter business is a raging market.

The electric scooter and motorcycle market is projected to reach 7,919 thousand units by 2027 from an estimated 684 thousand units in 2019, at a CAGR of 35.8%.

The increasing opportunities and the growth from infrastructure and technology perspective are fetching a good amount of investment in this segment. Most of the start-ups are looking to increase their revenue stream and their reach for better growth prospects.

Stakeholders have invested more than $5.7 billion in micro-mobility start-ups since 2015, with more than 85 percent targeting China.

In fact, a good number of startups have managed to value themselves at $1Bn.

If you observe the e-scooter segment closely, you will see that the end-users are looking for sustainable and highly efficient options that can be used for the regular commute as well.

Why is the market looking so strong and positive for micro-mobility solutions?

  • The scaling of micro-mobility assets is easier and the acquisition costs are lower compared to large vehicles. This is why the break-even point for this market is lower
  • The waiting time and the commute time are considerably less with the micro-mobility solutions; as a result, you will find that users are increasingly interested in this solution

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Source: Content Sifted

Looking at these statistics and the growth in the European markets, you can easily map the growth in other markets for the e-scooter segment

As a result of the above-mentioned market statistics and the growth potential, you can consider entering this niche. There are several factors that you need to consider, several things you need to plan and several designs you need to create before you have a successful e-scooter solution in hand.

The Challenges in Micro-mobility Industry

#1 Acquiring Permissions


You need to get permission from the local authorities to be able to operate in this market. The local authorities will decide which companies should be allowed and which ones should be blocked from entering the markets. This will entirely depend on the type of scooters you offer, the services you cater to and the approach you have taken. It will also depend on several other factors.

#2 Getting Investors Interest


The second most important aspect of building your e-scooter business from scratch is getting the investor’s attention. If you are still a startup, you would need the funds to operate. However, if you are unable to differentiate for the market, or you are unable to sustain in the market, then you will not be able to sustain the competition.

#3 The Infrastructure Issues


The lack of infrastructure to support your e-scooter business can be quite a challenge. In case you are unable to provide enough charging stations for the e-scooters, then you won’t be able to afford running them in the sharing market. You also need good charging points, electrification and need to consider all the other important aspects.

Apart from the infrastructure for the e-scooters, the city bodies should ensure there is a proper passage for the people.

Key Factors to Consider


1. Identify the Problem


As a new entrant into the niche, you need to identify the problem you aim to solve with your mobile app. For instance, the main reason for the e-scooter market to gain momentum can be attributed to the need for a sustainable and pollution-free transport solution.

You can aim to create the market more sustainable and efficient with your solution. you can make the dockless scooters more secure, and ensure nobody can unlock a scooter without consulting the app. These are basic issues that your app can resolve.

The following are some of the reasons why people are more into e-scooters

  • It is easier to commute in heavy traffic with the e-scooters. Parking is no longer an issue when you are using e-scooters to travel around the city.
  • A lot of cities are facing shutdown owing to the pollution there. With e-scooter services, they can aim to reduce pollution and improve the quality of air
  • Finally, most people are unable to use cabs and other modes of transport owing to the high prices. Commuting with e-scooters is cost-efficient.

Companies operating in this segment have found the solution to the above-mentioned issues. You can look for gaps in the existing services and try to fill them up with your mobile app. You can even answer a new problem with your solutions.

2. In-depth Knowledge


You need to have a good knowledge of the niche you plan to operate in. With half baked knowledge of the niche, you won’t be able to solve the problems facing your customers. If you don’t know what technology stack can help you create the successful app solution or, you are not aware of the exact needs of the user, then you won’t be able to deliver the app solution. moreover, lacking knowledge of how the customers react to the e-scooter solution, the kind of investments that happen in the industry and other aspects can prevent you from growing.

When you dive into the e-scooter market and want to develop an app from the scratch, you need to gain as much knowledge as possible about the market, the way the apps function in this marketplace and what are the causes of inefficiencies in the market.

3. Finding a Tech Partner


The third and most important aspect is identifying the technology partner for your needs. you need someone who can make you stand out.

You will not know what technology or which operating system you should use to release the first version of your app. You are not even sure of how to deliver the solution you have in mind. That’s why a good partner is essential. They will be able to deliver on your needs and will visualize the solution and ably design and develop it for you.

4. Incorporating the Features


The app features are very important, and you should ideally consider them from the end user’s perspective. When deciding the features, you should be aware of the must-have features as well as the features that will enhance the quality of the app solution.

  • A good login screen with a low learning curve
  • GPS integration for tracking
  • Lock/unlock
  • Easy Payments
  • Effortless scheduling

These are some of the must-have features. Apart from this, you can plan features specific to the problem you are solving.

Answering the FAQs for Better Understanding


When you plan on entering the e-scooter market, you should have all your questions answered and should be able to proceed with a clear mind. Here we have attempted to identify all the FAQs.

1. What is e-Scooter Sharing App?


The app allows users to rent the e-scooters located in a nearby location. With the app solution, the user can easily avail of effective and efficient commuting means that is both sustainable and hassle-free.

2. How Long Does it Take to Build an e-Scooter App?


The timeline and the cost for the development of an e-scooter app depend entirely on the customization required, the problem you are solving and the features you aim to add to the mobile app. We estimate somewhere around a month and a half to design, development, integrate and test the app solution. We ensure a well-defined app solution for the end-users. In terms of hours, we estimate 800-1000 hours for the development process

3. How to Choose an e-Scooter App Development Partner?


When choosing an app development partner, there are quite a few things you need to consider

  • The experience of the technology partner in developing the apps for the particular niche
  • Their expertise in on-demand industry and app development
  • The team and the portfolio
  • Industry knowledge, customer understanding, and market research capabilities
  • Process and methodology
  • The security measures they take to make your app full-proof

Summing Up


Entering the e-scooter business, and starting an e-scooter app solution ground up requires a lot of effort, understanding of the market, and complete knowledge of how the customers work through this segment. To make sure you have a qualified and seamless solution, you need to partner with the right development company.

Coruscate has been serving industries with leading solutions and knowledge that enable their growth potential. We even offer support and maintenance of the e-scooter apps and keep upgrading the apps to suit the new needs.

A basic chart for P2P payments app development cost is as follows:

If you have a brilliant idea to differentiate in this market or, want to succeed with a validated e-scooter app solution, connect with us via email or phone.

Note: We do not make clones of any exact application, clone means to us is how better we can execute your app idea with existing app features and experience.

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