An effective way to boost your Taxi Booking App business amid COVID-19

An effective way to boost your Taxi Booking App business amid COVID-19

(P.S. merging a Courier Delivery Service, will be a good start)

If you look around, you will find the Uberization of the economy growing at a faster pace than ever, especially after the COVID-19 outbreak. Every business of any size wants to replicate the Uber model in their business for good enough reasons.

Amongst all, using taxis for courier delivery services is the latest experiment by the taxi industry aggregators, and is catching the eyes of all of us.

The international giants of the ride-hailing industry, including Uber & Lyft, are offering the alternative carrier option by delivering the packages to customers on time and taking their business to the next level.

As delivery service is the need of the hour during the pandemic, many local taxi booking apps are also getting into the last-mile delivery service market.

However, the courier services offered by lesser-known and regional taxi booking businesses are often unknown and under-utilized by consumers.

There are many reasons to justify customer behavior, but the most significant among all is that the local players somehow lack in providing the customer experience and services upto the mark at which these giants are offering to the users.

If you find an effective way to leverage your courier delivery service in the taxi booking app, you have landed in the right place.

Here we are going to share some ground-breaking ideas based on our research and experience, which may help you successfully stand in the market opposite to the international giants.

Let’s start with what outstanding services you can offer to your customers in your customized solution for your courier delivery services through a taxi booking app.

Ways to boost your Taxi Booking App business amid COVID-19

Focus on small things, it will make bigger differences

As the lockdown situation has massively transformed customer behavior across the globe, you must have to change the business strategies accordingly to be relevant in the market. 

Here are some of the ways to offer full-fledged services in your business model that improve customer engagement:

When it comes to any home delivery services in the wake of COVID-19, there is a huge demand for essentials like groceries, food, medicines, etc.

Looking at the scenario, people naturally opt for a single platform that offers multiple delivery services to avoid maximum human interactions.

Herein the golden opportunity for you as a taxi service provider, you can offer courier delivery services that can be utilized in the same way one would request a taxi ride.

Whether it is the delivery of a single envelope or a large package, you can prove to be an X-factor by partnering with local vendors & businesses, solving supply chain disruption, providing an uninterrupted last-mile delivery service to your customers.

Another major advantage you have is a fleet of drivers on the road beforehand. You don’t need to create a courier delivery network from scratch and could deliver the courier packages to the users through your taxi drivers already heading that way.

Efficient workforce management is an integral part of any last-mile delivery business. To manage both the taxi booking service and courier delivery service effectively, you need more resources to manage and expand your workforce.

Being a taxi courier service, you can ensure the fastest delivery services even at odd hours or on holidays, which will make a unique impression (compared to your competitors) on customers.

Concerning the current scenario, you can ensure zero-contact delivery in your courier delivery service by providing an option for online payments in your digital solution.

Allowing users to place instant delivery requests of couriers at the doorway pickup/delivery at their suitable time is highly encouraged.

Also, you can provide a unique identification code along with instant doorway delivery to ensure secured & traceable delivery, as users are looking progressively for similar service providers.

After going through the service delivery option, providing a user-friendly platform to utilize those services is necessary.

Let’s go through the application solutions which will help you grab the market.

Technical landing

To build a single application for both courier delivery and taxi booking is quite challenging. However, a customized solution could be the best for you to meet both the requirements and give your business a competitive edge.

You can also provide some enhanced features (in addition to the basic features) in your customized app solution, such as

State-of-the-art features:

In addition to availing them with basic features like quick registration, easy onboarding, place/receive deliveries, live tracking, multiple payment options, you can also provide below mentioned advanced features to make your app more competitive.

Your app should enable customers to generate an e-receipt based on the unique code for each delivery and email it to them to ensure convenient and secure service.

Also, it should allow users to reschedule/cancel deliveries and connect directly to the delivery personnel to facilitate a smooth delivery.

You can provide some gaming features in your app, like refer & earn, ratings & feedback, loyalty offers & discounts, etc., to engage your customers.

You can also avail your customers of an add-on feature – Dispatch Software in your customized solution.

Dispatch software:

The IoT technology will help you stay ahead in the courier delivery market by using courier dispatch software like Uber.

This dispatch software is nothing but automated software that helps users to get instant & real-time updates of their package delivery and help you improve the efficiency of your services.

This software connects distribution centers to fulfillment centers, which help in delivering the couriers in a single package instead of dispatching from multiple warehouses.

However, nowadays there are lots of alternatives to the dispatch software. For example, many service providers are using drones or 3d printing machines to deliver couriers faster than ever.

This predictive delivery feature will reduce the delivery fails to a large extent and adds value to the supply chain.

Clutch at the best

Being the leading mobile app development company, the Coruscate team will help you board the state-of-the-art courier delivery service to your taxi booking app while meeting all your requirements in the best way possible.

With extensive experience in delivering world-class quality solutions at an optimum price & time, our development team will go above and beyond to bring a full-fledged bug-free app ready to launch in the market.

We not only develop the perfect on-demand courier delivery app, but we will ensure to get it the maximum exposure in the market.

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