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Uber for Handyman Mobile App

Handyman, as the name suggests is definitely handy. Whether it is a minor leakage or a major issue in the house, your handyman will always bail you out with a reasonable solution. The Uber for X having entered this segment, it has become easier for you to call the handymen. They have risen to the on-demand need of the users, and have started offering their services according the scheduled time and date of the end users.

If you aim to enter this business, and want to grow successful by giving out an excellent service, then you need to develop an app that can help you with your on-demand business needs.

What to offer in that app can help you deliver the engagement and conversion goals. Here, we will take you through all the aspects to consider when developing an on-demand app solution for handyman.

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Features for Uber for Handyman App

Let’s begin with identifying the key features that can help you maximize the conversions through an optimized app solution.

  • Finding your Serviceman: The key feature for this app is to find a handyman who can solve your problem. The main thing being finding someone who is located near you. The handyman app should be able to connect you with the right people, who will serve you with your service needs in your location. Apart from connecting you with the handymen, the Uber for handyman mobile app will also show you the profiles of the technician which includes the services they offer and the ratings and reviews they have received. It will also showcase the estimated rate for the particular service. Basically, this feature will help you make the choice instantly
  • Scheduling the Service: The next key feature for this app would be scheduling the appointment with the serviceman. You should be able to book the serviceman, either of your choice or the one chosen by the app, at your convenient date and time. the feature should offer a book now option, so that it works like an on-demand app solution, wherein the serviceman can attend to the issue immediately. This feature will come handy during an emergency
  • In-app Payments: Considering the growing need for convenience and comfort, it has become important for the on-demand app solutions to consider offering mobile payment options. The user should be able to connect their wallet, save their cards or use the netbanking option to complete the payment. The user should also be given the option to use cash for payments. 
  • Track your Serviceman: Once the booking is done, the user should be able to track the movement of the serviceman on their way to your place. This will help you know the exact time they will reach. You will also know if they are going to get late for their appointment, whether they have taken the right route to your place and other details. You will be in the loop, which ensures complete honesty and transparency
  • In-app Chat: This feature will help extend support to the user in real-time, and will allow you to solve their queries. In case, they want to raise a complaint against the handyman or want to understand how a particular feature works or generally require support regarding a particular payment or service, then they should be able to connect with your support team. Instead of moving out of the app, offering in-app chat will not only make support real-time, but also experiential and engaging. You can deliver the responses immediately, thus solving all the possible issues
  • Ratings and Reviews: It is important for the users and the handyman to be able to rate and review each other. This will help with recommendations, and eventually allow you to become a advocate for the particular handyman. The reviews and ratings will help the other users decide if they want to avail service from the particular handyman or not
  • History and Records: A complete record of all the services availed should be shown to the customer. They should also receive a history of the payments they have made. Similarly, the handyman should be able to view their service and earning history through the app.

How to Grow your Handyman Business?

Quality and trust determine the success of any business. in case of handyman, there are too many people offering the service. As a business connecting the people with the handyman, there are a few things you can do to grow your business successfully. 

  • Conduct a complete background check of the service people. You should ensure that everyone hired at your place are trustworthy and offer the service they have been added for
  • Provide an extra value to the customers so that they feel like asking for your service once again. You should always go that extra mile for your customers to improve conversions
  • When it comes to determining the fee for the business, you ought to consider quite a few things such as the time taken for the job, the skill required and the expenses involved.

Here are a few workable business models for the handyman business.

  • Flat Fee Plus Charges: You can offer a flat fee for the particular service, which will either be hourly or based on the service type. The basic fee will include certain basic facilities. In case the time goes up or the service involves more technicalities, then the customer has to pay accordingly
  • Charge for the Service: Instead of going with the flat fee, you can offer a particular charge for the service. You can even bundle a couple of services and offer them at a particular price.

In each case, the handyman will have to pay a certain commission for the earning received, which will be your app’s fee.

You can also run in-app advertisements to earn money from the app.

How Coruscate Helps?

We have been involved with developing Uber clone for handyman app with our expertise in this industry niche and experience. We understand the requirements for the clone app solution, and accordingly design the app.

A basic chart for P2P payments app development cost is as follows:

Having solved a good number of queries for Uber for Handyman app requirements, and understanding the industry niche, we can ably solve the pain areas for the end user. We have a team that understands the correct process to develop an app and the right methodology for increase in app development speed.

So, if you want to build a quality app solution to grow your business, then collaborate with Coruscate. We can bet on our expertise to help you scale efficiently. 

Note: We do not make clones of any exact application, clone means to us is how better we can execute your app idea with existing app features and experience.

Let’s build your own app

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