Electric Scooters Swooping In With Swappable Batteries And A Thoughtful Design

Electric Scooters Swooping In With Swappable Batteries And A Thoughtful Design

With E-Scooters being legalised in The New York City in April, many companies have been making their way into the American market. Although the e-scooters were around for a few years, they weren’t used full-fledged.

E-Scooters are a perfect option to move around the city by saving yourself from all the traffic, which keeps your body into motion and supporting the environment all at once.

Some people consider e-scooters as a matter of luxury, while the others take into account the benefits and the usability of e-scooters such as safety, price, design, and performance.

E-Scooters are the most versatile means of transport since there are ample of options available to choose from, based on your preferences and choices. From chic to classy, and pricey to inexpensive, the e-scooter market has it all.

One such example is the Levy E-Scooters, which costs $499, which is a bit pricey in comparison to all the budding e-scooter segments such as Xiaomi Mi 365 but is still inexpensive compared to a high-end scooter.

The Manufacturer

With this price, the scooter offers everything that you have been looking for. It is a complete package of all the prerequisites of an e-scooter.

The scooter persists the ability to swap in a fresh battery, with the looks that can catch the eyeballs of the prospective customers. These scooters are a fine balance of sleekness and utilitarianism.

The removable battery is in a hidden compartment, which no thief can locate, and thus it protects the scooter and the riders from any kind of damage or mishap. 

These scooters come under the list of one of the lightest weighted scooters in the market. They weigh around 27 pounds, which is way lesser than the most high-end e-scooters trending currently.

Also, these scooters come with a folding mechanism, which makes the use of these scooters even more convenient. In case of an accident, or a bumping incident, it is easier to dislodge the scooter.

The tires in the scooter are air-filled with a parameter of about 8.5 inches. 

These tires are nothing like the solid tires used by companies like Unagi and Bird, but these pneumatic tires offered are way efficient in terms of road grip.

These tires absorb tiny subtle vibrations on the roads, and also provide a better grip to the riders on the wet roads, and thus ensure smoother riders. 

These scooters come with a 350W motor, which gives the power to offer a smooth ride to riders weighing up to 40 pounds and also provides a quick escalation experience as compared to high-end scooters like Unagi with a 500W motor.

Thus, lighter riders have an upper hand while travelling, since the scooter offers an unwrinkled and polished journey through the traffic-filled roads, along with a sharp combination of the mechanical and electronic braking system, a rider will find no problem applying brakes in a situation of stopping on the dime. 

The process of swapping a battery in the scooter takes less than 10 seconds and it offers a journey of up to 10 miles on the sport mode and up to 12 miles on the eco mode. 

The extravagant feature about these scooters is that you can carry extra batteries in your backpack in case of longer journeys, and change the batteries in no time in case of a discharge.

Levy has also come up with e-scooters that range at about $699, known as The Levy Plus, offering a journey of up to 18 miles on eco mode and 16 miles with the sports mode on. These scooters also come with 10-inch pneumatic tires.

These e-scooters come with a highlight of a few unique features such as regenerative front brakes, cruise control, and a built-in bell. 

In front of the scooters is the display screen portraying the speed that the scooter is going at, and the battery life, which keeps the riders aware of how far the journey can last up to. 

To escalate the sale, and endure riders towards buying the scooters, Levy has been initiating e-scooter rental programs in NYC, to make the riders aware of all the specifications offered by the company, and how it can benefit their daily lives.

For the riders looking for a sleek, comfortable ride, Levy scooters can be their go-to choice. These scooters come at an affordable price, with a sleek outlook and comfortable usability, also with the power to never run out of battery.

Engage Your Customers In A Breathtaking E-Scooter Module

Smart is the new attractive and thus developing an e-scooter model that leaves your customers feeling awestruck by looking at it is the need of the hour.

E-Scooters are trending at every nook and corner of the globe, with most countries legalizing the usage of e-scooters on a daily basis, and the pandemic creating the need for constantly maintaining social distance.

Thus, a profitable and service-oriented e-scooter mobile application can create wonders in your business, while constantly giving the customers a reason to opt for your services.

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We have a specialized team with an all-rounder knowledge about the market conditions that can help you come out with the best viable business solutions, from hardware to software, it’s your one-stop solution.

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