Telemedicine App Development Solutions, One Stop Solution For All The Healthcare Haphazards At The Current Juncture

Telemedicine App Development Solutions, One Stop Solution For All The Healthcare Haphazards At The Current Juncture

A Brief About Telemedicine

The world telemedicine is initially initiated from the words telecommunication and medicines, which means providing medical assistance through the medium of telecommunication, which has revolutionized over time.

It is nothing but a remote delivery service of all the required medications at the patients’ doorsteps and providing the patients with services like evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment.

Patients can communicate with the respective doctors and seek medical help without worrying about stepping outside the houses, waiting in long queues, and getting exposed to many people around.

Once downloaded, an application requires a few details about the patient, such as symptoms, medical history, and necessary personal information, which is then passed on to a suitable doctor for the treatment process.

Once the evaluation is completed, the doctor suggests the further course of actions to the patient, if the patient has to seek medications or if the patient needs to be diagnosed further with some X-Rays or other medical examinations.

Telemedicine is classified into three categories: 

1. Interactive Telemedicine

With compliance with the HIPAA regulations, the doctors and the patients communicate via audio or video calls, where the patients talk about their problems and seek guidance.

2. Remote Patient Monitoring

This is also known as telemonitoring; in this process, a patient’s condition is examined based on factors such as sugar level, blood pressure, or body temperature and assisted accordingly.

3. Store And Forward

Also acknowledged as asynchronous telemedicine is a concept of transferring information from one source to another; for example, a healthcare professional takes lab results and forwards it to the concerned healthcare professional for further medical care.

Thus, these are the three basic telemedicine modules, which have a variety of features and benefits further, easing the process of seeking medical help for most people online.

Telemedicine Applications Benefiting The Society

Telemedicine has been proved to be the most convenient and resourceful way of seeking medical assistance without much hassle and yet gets a hands-on quality and assured medical help.

It has increased access to medical facilities for those residing in areas with low commute options and lack of proper medical facilities, most definitely rural areas.

Telemedicine solutions are also cost-effective since they save the money spent on commuting. It is an inexpensive option for healthcare providers, too, since they do not have to spend much on the infrastructure.

Telemedicine also improves the quality of healthcare services provided. Undisputed attention is paid to the patients online on a one-on-one audio or video call, with mental peace on both ends.

Patient engagement and satisfaction have witnessed a tremendous rise since telemedicine has become an integral part of the healthcare sector. With personally getting devoted attention from the doctors, the patients tend to build a connection.

Privacy assurance is often a problem for everyone seeking medical assistance for acute and chronic diseases since they demand the utmost privacy of their medical records and personal information.

These platforms assure that the patients’ privacy is in no way invaded since the data is safely stored on a cloud, which is only accessible by the doctor in charge of the treatment of the respective patient.

Impact Of Telemedicine Applications in the Virtual care industry

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With COVID-19 striking the world, the need for viable and effective medical solutions has been an integral part of the process of sustaining during the lockdown and gradually coming out of the trauma.

Telemedicine has impacted the world vastly from a nearly 30% rise in the number of users for the telemedicine applications and platforms since the lockdown began with more awareness in the market.

The telemedicine industry has eased the patients’ minds and the laymen about accessing medical facilities being comfortable and not a process filled with hassle and chaos.

It is predicted that by the year 2027, the telemedicine sector shall see a rise like never before, with top global companies investing in bettering the healthcare facilities across the globe.

The global telehealth market is projected to reach USD 55.6 billion by 2025 from USD 25.4 billion in 2020, at a CAGR of 16.9% during the forecast period.

Thus, it is safe to say that COVID-19has worked like a charm in the telemedicine industry’s development, with virtual care playing an essential role during the lockdown leading to success stories.

Our Research And Expertise

Our research suggests that a telemedicine application should contain the following essentials to make it an efficient and effective platform for the patients and healthcare executives:

1. Easy Appointment Scheduling

2. Secure Messaging System

3. Customizable Workflows

4. Live Audio/ Video Consultation

5. Patient On-Boarding And Charting

6. E-Prescribing And Medication History

7. EMR Integrations

8. Multiway Video

9. Review/Rate to Physicians

10. Visit Notes

11. Live Chat

12. Billing And Payment Integration

These features can engage you in a revenue generation model and ensure a smooth workflow of the platform, with the utmost patient and doctor’s satisfaction towards it.

We are renowned for our extensive research qualities and designing unique and successful telemedicine solutions for the companies willing to make headway in the telemedicine industry.

Our research also suggests that COVID-19 has created a substantial need for multiple virtual care platforms to serve as many patients as possible and avoid getting deprived of medical solutions.

Developing an easy application for both patients and doctors with excellent UI/UX, best in class features, and constant monitoring about the safety and security of the patients’ data goes a long way.

Well, Here We Are. Let’s Talk to Understand how it works.

Our R&d team is continuously working on bettering our telemedicine platform solutions with outstanding and essential features for applying and updating the same market status.

Our team has an in-depth knowledge of telemedicine and telehealth. We assure you to deliver an MVP for a telemedicine platform in 15 days only with all the necessary features included.

Your customization requests shall be heard and worked on, and the final product shall come out to be a blessing; thus, we have services you cannot miss and opportunities that you might miss if you don’t grab them right away.

Contact us and know more about telemedicine app development solutions.

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