Cost to Develop HIPAA-Compliant Telemedicine App: This Single Mistake Can Waste Your More Than $50000

Cost to Develop HIPAA-Compliant Telemedicine App: This Single Mistake Can Waste Your More Than $50000

This will be an eye-opening blog!

You must have searched on Google, ‘telemedicine app development cost’ or ‘cost to develop telemedicine app’.  

And you must have been stunned to see it somewhere between $60000 to $80000. 

But what if we tell you that you can own the HIPAA-compliant telemedicine app by paying just $8000? 

Yes. You heard it right! 

We are providing a ready-to-go HIPAA-compliant telemedicine app with all advanced features at the price tag of $8000 to help healthcare providers offer remote care amid the pandemic. 

In this blog, we will reveal everything about our telemedicine solution. 

But before that, let’s quickly discuss the benefits of virtual care. 

Top 3 Reasons Why Telemedicine App Is Your Best Investment of the Decade 

Reduced Healthcare Costs

With no need to travel or commute for the patients, and no requirement to rent a working place, virtual care reduces infrastructural & transportation costs and provides financial benefits to both doctors and patients.  

• Time-Efficient Treatment

It reduces the complex screening process of a clinic for chronic diseases. With telemedicine, patients can get cures for their illnesses right at the comfort of fingertips.

• Convenient Access To Medical Data of Patients

Telemedicine software integrated with EHR enables the doctors to access the patients’ medical files at ease without spending much time finding it. Cloud storage saves all the medical information without having to worry about the safety and security of the data. 

So, now when you know that it is a completely safe bet to launch the telemedicine app, let’s move ahead and discuss the differences between our telemedicine solution and others’. 

Cost To Develop Telemedicine App: $8000 Telemedicine App vs $75000 Telemedicine App

Our Ready-to-go Telemedicine App
Others’ Custom App
Development Cost
It costs only $8000.  It costs more than $70000 as they charge based on the development hours required to develop the app. 
App Delivery Time
We deliver it within 15 working days. If you want to customize the app, we will take some more time, but not more than 1 month.  They take at least 90 days to deliver the app. 
App Compliance
It is already a HIPAA-compliant telemedicine app. Thus, we can easily make it compliant with your local laws.  They lack compliance expertise. If they have, they charge extra for compliance consultation. 
App Customization
We can customize the app based on your idea without extending your budget significantly.  Customization increases the development hours and they charge somewhere around $40 per development hour. 
App Features
It is already equipped with all basic and advanced features for both patients and doctors.  They charge you based on the feature complexity and hours required to accomplish those features. 
Additional Support
Our in-house compliance experts and business experts help you meet laws and market demand with free consultations.  Generally, they don’t have in-house compliance experts. Because they are limited to just app development. 

Why Should You Never Invest More Than $10000 in a Telemedicine App? 

Don’t just limit yourself to the cost to develop a telemedicine app. Try to see the whole picture here. 

You are planning to kick off the telemedicine business. 

For that, you first need the telemedicine app itself. 

But that is not the only thing you need. 

There are many other financial burdens you have to shoulder. 

This includes the cost of company registration, app marketing, users & doctors onboarding, workforce hiring etc. 

Meaning, if you spend around $75000 on the custom telemedicine app, the capital cost you require to start a telemedicine startup would easily surpass $100,000. 

In the contrast, if you spend only $8000 on the telemedicine app which is equivalently good to the telemedicine app that costs $75000, your capital cost would not surpass even $40000. 

With this affordable yet market-ready app, you can test the market. 

With time, knowledge and success, you can easily add some more features to it. 

You can also launch it in some new locations. 

This way, this whole business journey costs you below $70000, as compared to just the app that costs you $75000. 

The following is a quick comparison. 

When you’re a unicorn startup
But you aren’t a unicorn startup!
(So, think wisely)
App Development  $70000 $8000
App Marketing  $7000
Doctors Onboarding  $7000
Hiring Cost  $10000
App Customization  $7000
Business Expansion  $25000
Total  $70000 (For app only) $64000 (For entire business)

A Few Features of Our Telemedicine Platform ( You can explore all features in live app demo) 

We created the feature set of our ready-to-go telemedicine app by taking the requirements of every user group into mind. The following are just a few of the features. 

Patient’s Panel

1. Registration

2. Profile Management

3. Search And Filters

4. Video Conferencing

5. Text Chat

6. Book An Appointment

7. Sending Money

8. Rating Doctors

9. Notifications

Doctor’s Panel

1. Registration

2. View EHRs

3. Indicating Experience

4. Video Conferencing

5. Text Chat

6. Managing Calendar

7. Receiving Payments

8. Monitoring Grades

9. Notifications

Your message to us will reward you with a free app demo, free consultation and saving of more than $50000 on app cost 

Telemedicine app development has been our forte for the longest time now, with innovating over time and understanding the market requirements, we have come a long way in this journey.

We have a readymade telemedicine platform at a cost of $8000 which is an investment for a lifetime.

We also provide customization as per your requirements for your business model. Come to us with a plan and leave the rest upon us. 

From the first conversation to app delivery and beyond, you will be talking with our most experienced team members. 

Book a demo session with us today and also get a free consultation from our experienced business experts.

Let’s build your own app

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