How to Develop a Medical Teleconsultation App in France? (Market, Laws, Business Model, Cost)

How to Develop a Medical Teleconsultation App in France? (Market, Laws, Business Model, Cost)

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Teleconsultation in France: Market & Competitive Analysis 

Let’s start with Europe. 

The following is the single image that depicts the thriving teleconsultation market of Europe. 

Talking about France, the government had decided to bring televisits under France’s national health insurance plan after considering the way it solves age-old problems of the healthcare system. 

Meaning, patients who have valid health cards such as EHIC or Carte Vitale now need to pay only a 30% fee for the televisit. The government pays the remaining 70%. 

This single decision boosted users’ interest in teleconsultation apps so greatly. 

In 2018, the state health insurance body anticipated 1.4 million video consultations by 2021. 

The real number could be very high because of the ongoing pandemic. 

Additionally, the wait time in healthcare facilities to see a doctor is over 50 days in France. 

Whereas, the patient can talk to a doctor within minutes using a teleconsultation app. 

The doctors are also finding it useful. Almost 70% of doctors in France agreed on the fact that teleconsultation apps will become a part of their daily practice by 2025. 

Existing teleconsultation apps in France are witnessing a dramatic increase in the number of downloads and active users. 

The following is the list of top teleconsultation apps in France and its pros & cons. 

Teleconsultation App 




  • Android & iOS Mobile App 
  • Secure (HIPAA Compliant) 
  • E-Prescribing 
  • Free Trial 
  • Phone Support, Online Support 
  • Limited Hours of Service 
  • Manual Appointment Booking 


  • Talk to Doctor in Your Language 
  • Available 24/7 
  • No Mobile App 
  • Lacking Advanced Features 


  • Great App UI 
  • Most Popular in Europe 
  • E-Prescribing
  • 4.9/5 Rating 
  • Prescriptions Delivered to a Pharmacy
  • Limited Hours of Service
  • A Few Technical Issues with App (claimed by users) 


  • Schedule Online & Offline Appointment 
  • Doctor Information 
  • Storage Option for Medical Documents 
  • Poor App UI 
  • Lacking User-Friendly Features 
  • No App for Doctors  

If you don’t consider these factors, you would end up with a losing app 

First of all, a teleconsultation app is not similar to any other app. Though it seems similar to video-calling apps, the difference is huge. 

Developing a medical teleconsultation app in France needs your highest degree of attention as there are many complex factors influencing the success of the app. 

These factors are, 

• Compliance 

A teleconsultation app collects, stores and shares many crucial data of the patients. 

To govern every business activity with patients’ data, the European Union and France have imposed some laws. 

One major law is GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). It applies to all organizations that operate a business within the EU. 

If your teleconsultation app isn’t GDPR-compliant, you can be liable for a fine of up to 10 million euros. 

France has its separate data privacy laws too. 

French Data Protection Act is the major law in France which applies to health data. Your app should also adhere to requirements titled under this act. 

• Health Card-Covered Televisit 

France has been reimbursing televisits since September 2018. 

In other words, if a patient has a valid health card, he is not liable for full or some percentage televisit fee. 

Since people with a valid health card consider your app only if it supports health card-covered televisits, you should integrate a module in your app that verifies their health cards. 

• EHR Integration 

Your app should be integrated with EHR software to let doctors access clinical information of the patients generated via multiple sources very easily. 

It increases the patient output dramatically as doctors can easily identify the medical history of the patients and treat them accordingly. 

It is worth mentioning here that not all teleconsultation app development companies have the expertise to integrate EHR with an app. Because interoperability is the biggest challenge. 

How to make money with a teleconsultation app in France? 

Before discussing how to make money, let’s first discuss where you need to spend to own and run a teleconsultation app in France. 

Teleconsultation App Business Capital Cost 

The capital cost is the cost you require to build the app and start the business. 

As far as the teleconsultation app is concerned, the capital cost includes the cost of app development, app marketing, staff hiring, company registration, doctor onboarding and compliance consultation (if your hired app agency does not provide it for free). 

In the case of a custom app, the capital cost can easily surpass $90000 as the custom app alone costs you around $70000. 

But if you choose a white-label or ready-to-go app solution that costs you just under $10000, the capital cost will not even surpass $40000. 

Teleconsultation App Business Operating Cost 

As the name suggests, the operating cost is the money you spend to keep your app running. 

It includes the cost of app maintenance, API fees, customer service, ongoing marketing, compliance audit, and staff management. 

Teleconsultation App Revenue Streams 

You will have major two user groups – users with health cards and users without health cards. 

Talking about the users with health cards, televisit is billed by the doctor. The fee is the same as a face-to-face consultation,  i.e., between € 23 and € 58.50 depending on the doctor’s specialty. 

However, you can make money from users not having any health card coverage in many ways.

• Ask users to pay per visit 

• Charge more for visit after midnight, visit on weekends or national holidays

• Charge extra for follow up visits 

• Launch subscription plan for individuals

• Launch family subscription plan 

• Tie up with employers to offer virtual care to employees 

Have your own medical teleconsultation app before the second lockdown ends in France 

The second lockdown in France will not only contain the virus, but it will also make people more aware of teleconsultation. 

People who have not adopted this easiest way to seek healthcare service yet will adopt it for a lifetime. 

And here is the business opportunity! 

Coruscate is the top telemedicine app development company that has recently launched the ready-to-go HIPAA/GDPR compliant teleconsultation app which costs just $8000. 

• App delivery in 15 days 

• Our in-house video calling technology (no need to pay for video calling API) 

• Custom website at the cost of $3000

• Compliance audit 

With our in-house compliance consultants and business experts, we help you not only launch the app but set up the entire business. 

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