This Business Guide Will Break Your Illusion That the Taxi App Business Is No Longer Fruitful

We are calling this blog a business guide because this will help you navigate your new or existing taxi app business through the COVID-19-affected market.

Last week we carried out the casual survey in our online daily meet.

We asked all team members: how frequently are you travelling during this ongoing pandemic and what do you prefer among public transportation, taxi and own vehicle? 

The answer was very well expected. 

Almost 90% of our team members do not go out during the pandemic and if they need to travel for any reason, they simply avoid public transportation and taxi due to concerns over the infection. 

All other people across the world have changed their travelling patterns the same way. 

And this is a really frightening situation for entrepreneurs who own the taxi app or who are planning to go for taxi booking app development. 

But with Coruscate, it is always easy to find the light at the end of the tunnel and reach there easily! 

We’ve made drastic changes in our taxi app solution and made it post-COVID-19-ready which facilitates you to derive fruitful results from your existing or new taxi app. 

Before we reveal our custom taxi app solution, let’s first understand why you need to level up the taxi app business operations and taxi app itself. 

Impact Analysis of COVID-19 on Taxi App Market 

The Washington Post quoted, “The taxi industry is another fresh casualty of coronavirus pandemic.”

  • Taxi drivers are leaving the taxi industry

New York Taxi Workers Alliance announced the death of 28 drivers due to coronavirus. The number is very small as compared to the national death toll, but it is large enough to trigger fear among taxi drivers. As a result, they are switching their job for their own safety.  

  • The customer activity is falling sharply 

During the April-June 2020 period, Uber reported 55 million customers, down from 99 million reported during the same time period of last year. The downward trend is still going on and it is not anticipated to give good sight before 2022. 

  • Premium users are turning away 

Generally, taxi app business owners are making the majority of revenue through premium services, i.e, UberX and Uber Black. But due to virtual business activities and travel restrictions, taxi apps do not get enough bookings from premium users. 

Introducing Our New-Age Custom Taxi + Delivery App Development Solution

You can’t change the entire situation, but you can at least fight it, resourcefully! 

What’s our new-age custom taxi app platform or solution? 

Due to the pandemic, the taxi app business opportunities have been restricted and so does the revenue. 

The only feasible way to keep revenue high is the integration of other business modules with taxi app business modules. 

With the same thought, we integrated a delivery app module to our taxi app platform to double the business opportunities. 

Meaning, you can now take taxi bookings and requests to deliver any courier from the single app. 

This way, you can earn more – from two separate business modules, in one single app! 

How does a taxi app with an integrated delivery app module work?

Sam is your partnered taxi driver who gets a job request when someone books the taxi and the algorithm finds Sam appropriate for the ride. 

When no one books the taxi, Sam does not get any job request. 

During Sam’s ideal time – when he has not any ongoing job – the app sends Sam the delivery request. 

If Sam accepts the request, he has to reach the pickup location, collect the courier and deliver it. 

Sam will be paid based on the distance he travels to deliver the package from the pickup location. 

Who should consider our new-age taxi app platform? 

  • Every taxi app business owner who already owns the taxi app and struggling to keep revenue high with only one business module 
  • Every new entrepreneur who is planning to go for taxi booking app development during the ongoing pandemic 
  • Every new entrepreneur who is planning to go for delivery app development during the ongoing pandemic 

What are the benefits of our advanced taxi app cum delivery service app? 

  • You will have multiple revenue streams to generate more revenue. 
  • You can target a large user base. 
  • You can attract more taxi drivers due to increased earning opportunities for them. 
  • You can get a competitive edge. 
  • You can expand your taxi business without spending much. 

What is that one reason why I should invest in an app with a taxi and delivery app modules?

Try to understand the whole situation here. 

The taxi app market has already been facing many challenges. And the courier and food delivery market has already been booming. 

By acquiring our multi-purpose app solution, you are not just leveraging the current boom in the delivery market, but you are also preparing to seize the taxi app market once it will get its traction back. 

So, without any doubt, it is a wise decision to have an app with a taxi app and delivery app modules rather than the app with just a single module. 

You are just one click away from breaking your illusion with a free app demo and consultation 

After reading so far, you must now have gotten the fact that we’re not just the taxi booking app development company, but we are also a business growth partner. 

While our 100+ app developers and designers engineer the most unique and groundbreaking app, our business and legal experts guide you to successfully launch the app or upgrade your current one. 

We have already developed 1000+ mobile apps for startups and enterprises across the globe. 

From the first conversation to app launch and beyond, you will be talking to our most experienced team that understands your requirements and makes it business-ready within days. 

If you want to see our custom taxi app platform in action, book a live app demo session which will come with a free consultation.


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