Reasons why USA or any other countries’ car rental startup should have an app?

Reasons why USA or any other countries' car rental app startup should have an app

With heavy traffic and very few parking spots relying on public transportation. The bikes, rented cars, and taxis are moving around. The services like Uber and Taxify allow people to benefit from riding individual transport and yet reduce all those parking and maintaining troubles. And if you are into the taxi or car rental business, taxi or car booking mobile app development could be the best choice for you to spread your wings and fly higher.

» Established business or startup

If your transportation business is already rooted and established one, the taxi booking app that can suit all your requirements depends on a variety of factors. The very first of these factors is whether you already have an established taxi rental business. You can just complement the business with the development of an app for car hire or you are a start-up planning to engage drivers or people who want to rent their cars.

As we all know, Uber and Lyft are the most famous taxi startups. But Zipcar is another excellent example of car renting. Zipcar has a business that has been on the market for a very long time. They have successfully launched their own apps. The Zipcar apps for Android and iOS were launched in the years 2009 and 2011. Uber runs on its popularity among the driver and riders but in case of Zipcar relies on their own carpool.

» Duration and distance

The next factor that should be considered for your car rental app is distance. Will you be serving only for intra city transportation or do you want your customers to go from one city to another? The taxi apps like Uber and Lyft offer commuters transportation for intercity and intracity travels. Zipcar allows its users to travel to other cities also.

» Mobile platforms

Another factor to consider is the platforms that you require for your mobile app. Many businesses prefer going for the Android, some prefer iOS and there are a few which go for both of them. But you must consider building the app on the platform which your users are using the most. This way, you can make yourself much more easily accessible to your customers.

Must have features for any taxi booking mobile app – for car rental business

Taxi and car booking mobile app development are substantially similar since these types of apps have common features:

  • API
  • Registration
  • Maps, GPS and routing
  • Communication and notifications
  • Payments
  • Profiles and rating

There are different modules built for the drivers and passengers in these apps.

Taxi booking apps are growing universally. Mobile technology has made this to spread like anything. There are already many taxi booking apps like Uber and Ola around countries like the USA. So, you must be confused about the possibilities of new players joining this market. Well, even though there are many good ideas in the market, the industry always welcomes some better and fresh ideas.

Because of the quickly improving technology, there is a reasonable amount of opportunity of your original idea charming abundance of consumers.

As Uber started in 2009, the trends it selected were some different new unique ideas. They were the first to bring the shared taxi in the market.

In the same way, Ola began Ola auto to capture that commutator who cannot afford the taxi fares.

So you have to think about some offbeat idea. A new uncommon idea provides you a fresh chance to make your business visible amongst various competitors. Once your business is established you can enter small segments efficiently accommodating taxi booking apps as an expansion of your taxi business.

Make sure the app developers understand the two critical parameters at every level of development of the app.
Coruscate can help you out while setting your taxi business from start to finish by becoming the most dependable technology partner.


To build a cohesive taxi booking experience, it is very essential to follow the right pricing policy and managing the booking rates for users. Sustaining the customer-friendly fair pricing policy is very significant for the success of taxi booking app.

2. The speed and efficiency in hiring a cab

Many customers always require taxis on an urgent basis. On the other hand, there are many drivers who are idle and looking for customers. You taxi booking app should provide a solution for these people to match each other and solve the transportation issue.

For the immense customer satisfaction make sure the following parameters are followed

  • The app must be user-friendly which renders advantages to both customers and drivers.
  • Secure all the features are accessible easily to customers by with uncomplicated and effective way.
  • The app must be sufficient adequately to calculate the fare based on the map selected by customers.


Implementation of the right tools for developing a taxi booking mobile app


» GPS based implementation of Maps and locations

Ensure that the GPS embedded in such a way that a consumer gets the taxi instantly. The app should provide the estimated time of arrival (ETA) based on the real traffic situation.

» Credit card information for hassle-free bookings

You must provide the facility of credit booking with the credit card information to the commuters. And there should be no deduction in case of cancellation of the booking.
Apart from all these points you must develop a single app through which the users can access all the features. We can help you out to choose the best and unique features for your app. You can even get the information from scratch to finish regarding the establishment of your business.

For the cost of development and the any further information regarding the taxi or car rental app, you can connect with us by scheduling a free consultation session.


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