Taxi app Development: Beat Ride expansion, its strategies and cost to develop a taxi booking app

Taxi app Development: Beat Ride expansion, its strategies and cost to develop a taxi booking app

Taxi-hailing services are not new to us. All thanks to Uber and Uber-like taxi booking apps. People have adopted new ways of ride-sharing as an innovating transportation strategy. They enable people to have the feel of private cars whenever they feel the need for the same. The ride-sharing provides an option of different types of transportation which include ride-sharing, luxury cars, private cars for hire, etc.

One of the highest on-demand ride-hailing platforms that has made taxi-hailing much popular generating various opportunities others to join the business venture is Uber. It provides an instant solution to solve the daily commute issue for the users.

Regardless of Uber’s popularity and its huge share in the taxi-hailing industry, there are many other companies like Lyft, Grab, Go-jek, MyTaxi, Beat ride, and other such taxi apps have come up with their innovative approaches and emerged as successful ride-hailing services.

Want to Develop Taxi Booking App? First, Let’s discuss a little more about the Beat-Ride app which is much popular among the people of Latin America.

What is Beat Ride?

Beat is an Athens-based taxi cab which was previously known as Taxibeat. The ride-hailing company was founded in 2011. The company was co-founded by Nikos Drandakis, Kostis Sakkas, Nikos Damilakis and Michael Sfictos. Taxibeat was acquired by MyTaxi in 2017 and they renamed it to Beat.

Beat had 4 rounds of funding in which it has raised $6.9 million total amount.

Beat Ride app is a peer-to-peer ridesharing mobile application. Though the headquarter of this company is located in Athens, Greece, the ride is more active abroad. It is found that there are more than 250,000 drivers associated with the app in Latin America.

Beat is currently available in Greece, Chile, Peru, Colombia, and Mexico.

According to Similarweb’s search about top grossing apps in the Travel category, Beat Ride ranks 1st in Colombia, 2nd in Chile and 3rd in Greece. Here are the charts showing the different searches in the three countries.

Taxi app Development: Beat Ride expansion, its strategies and cost to develop a taxi booking app
Taxi app Development: Beat Ride expansion, its strategies and cost to develop a taxi booking app
Taxi app Development: Beat Ride expansion, its strategies and cost to develop a taxi booking app

Here is a graph that shows the upward moving trend of Beat Ride app in the Google Play rank.

Another graph from App Annie shows the ranking of the ride-hailing app according to its Map and navigation in the last week.

Motto of Beat

Beat believes in providing experiences to the passengers and not just providing rides. They work to provide the feel of beautiful cities to various passengers. They believe that people should get a human experience of diverse origins, cultures, perspectives, and languages to be able to make some memorable stories.

In February 2018, Beat celebrated one year since its acquisition by MyTaxi. Over the years, they have been expanding in South America just like an Uber-like app. But at Beat, they believe in ruthless execution as well as providing customer-centric services. They are also driver oriented company.

Beat always strives to take the stress out of people’s life, unlike any other taxi-booking app. They have the goals of delivering an extraordinary experience at affordable prices. The localization of their services has helped them in being a part of the local’s culture and gaining the trust of their customers.

Beat’s strategy to grow

Here is how Beat planned its success:

  • They had applied deep and obsessive focus on providing quality services to their customers than focusing on the competition.
  • They worked relentlessly to localize the operating processes.
  • They made their app efficient and according to the market needs.
  • The execution was ruthless and focused but preserved their product-driven culture.

Future Scope of Taxi-booking apps:

There are hundreds of startups competing in the ride-hailing industry. But according to Beat’s CEO, this is the most exciting industry and there is a lesser supply of proper transportation needs as compared to the demands. The lack of proper transportation and poor infrastructure provides the opportunities to various other startups to get into the taxi-hailing business with their own convenient taxi-booking app and the potential growth in this industry is untapped.

Looking at the current scenario of Beat and its other counterparts growing at an unprecedented pace, we can think it is safe to consider enormous business opportunities in this sector. No doubt, there are giant competitors like Uber in the market, but if your strategy to launch a taxi-booking app is perfect, the industry is full of opportunities an profits for you.

Challenges that you can face in the process:

The greatest challenge while entering the ride-hailing app is engineering and technology. You need an expert technology partner to handle all your technical needs for your product(app).

With enormous competition in the industry, you need a talent that can serve you well and can help you focus on efficiency.

You need top talent in this world of cutting-edge technologies like machine learning and AI. For that, you need your technology partner to be an efficient and seasoned company which can eliminate the drawbacks and build a software that can provide your users an out of the world experience with ease of handling.

Apart from technological challenges, you face the challenge of competition in the area you want to launch your app. For that, you need to have a thorough knowledge of the market. You also need to localize your product (app) to connect easily with your potential customers.

Cost and Time required for Developing a taxi-booking app


Now that you are aware of the opportunities and challenges that you might have in the ride-hailing industry. And you have made up your mind to go for it, the first thing you should start with is building a taxi-booking app for your taxi business.

One thing that you should be aware of while thinking about taxi booking app development is that there is no such thing as a readymade script that can do wonders for you. The Apple store has rules related to building clone apps which will automatically delete such apps from the list. If not, there are chances that you might not get the expected number of audience for your app.

If you want to be successful in the taxi business, you need to build a taxi booking app right from scratch.

Here is an overview of time and price required to build the modules for you:

We can help you with building a taxi booking based on your personalized requirements. Connect with us for further discussions regarding the detailed pricing and customization of modules for the app. You can even fill the contact us form to ask for a free demo.

Let’s build your own app

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