Upgrade Your Taxi Services App & Relaunch With Delivery And Courier Services Features

Upgrade- Your Taxi Services App & Relaunch With Delivery And Courier Services Features

Are You A Taxi Booking Service Owner? Do You Know What Is The Future Post Covid?

Taxi services have witnessed a major downfall since COVID-19, with people being fearful of choosing taxi as a mode of transportation since it can expose them to infected strangers and lack of sanitization facilities.

The pre-covid conditions for the ride healing businesses were pretty pleasant since taxis are a great source of comfort and quick commute, without the hassle of having to park your vehicles or get stuck in the traffic.

Since COVID-19, the world has been facing revolutions in almost every sector of business and so is the case with the taxi business, people have started to avoid it’s usage and instead prefer micro-mobility vehicles.

If you are a taxi owner and you would like your taxi business to get relaunched in the market with a bang, and reach out to a large number of audience, there are innovations you can associate with your taxi business to bring it back in the ride-hailing market.

  • Taxi With Delivery Services

On-Demand applications and services have reached the peak of it’s the time since the pandemic has approached us, the customers prefer getting things delivered at the comfort of their homes.

From groceries to medicines, everything can be delivered at your doorsteps. From easy and effortless payment gateway to quick delivery of the products, the delivery services have endless options.

Flowers, Fruits, Vegetables, Groceries, Gift, Stationeries, you name it and it can be delivered with taxi delivery services platform.

  • Taxi With Courier Services

In the same manner, as delivery services, sending couriers across can be a tough task since public transports were shut, sending personal belongings or gifts to someone across the town can be a deal.

By integrating your taxi services with courier services you can widen your customer base.

There Are Endless Benefits Of Adding These Segments To Your Taxi Business

1. Wider Customer Base

2. Multiplied Revenue Generation

3. Score Over The Competitors

4. Integration With Local Vendors

5. Credibility With The Customers

6. Spread Your Brand Name Like Fire

To relaunch your taxi app with delivery and courier services,

The process takes about a day or two if you get in touch with the right set of team willing to make the best out of time and make the integration a star product in just a few days and make it ready for the relaunch.

Make a plan that includes a list of segments you want to include in the delivery section, such as electronics, food, flowers, etc, and list down the local vendors who can integrate with the process.

Design the app in such a way that it fulfills the needs of the customers’ presence, such as make theme-based deliveries depending on the customer’s requirements, such as a birthday cake and a flower, or a birthday cake and a card.

An effortless interface to always keep the customers informed about the deliveries, from the pickup time to the drop-off time, the customer deserves to be updated about the whole process.

Relaunch your application with integrated services, mentioning and marketing about the unique features offered by your app, market your USP, develop a USP that compels the customers to use your services.

Develop more and more reasons to choose your app over all the other delivery and courier servicing options.

To Develop The Next Generation Taxi App, The Below Mentioned Features Should Be Kept In Mind:

1. Credit Wallet For Shippers

2. Credit Wallet For Drivers

3. Easy Payment Getaways

4. A Link Of Confirmation After Every Shipment

5. Tracking Link For The Receivers

6. Accounting System To Manage Driver’s Payouts

Taxi with Courier Delivery App Development

Try Our Custom App Solution – Ready To Use Delivery Service Feature.

We have a ready to go add-on solution that personifies the interface of your taxi application with delivery and courier options to get back in the business without having to look back.

If you have a readymade taxi and delivery solution, or you are a service owner wanting to add these features in your app on an urgent basis, we are the right choice for you with an assurance of all-rounder assistance.

Our team constantly studies the benefits of integration and the features that can make the integration unique in its own ways.

We add features that will compel the customers to choose your services since the module will have features like no other.

Our prime goals are to escalate the revenue generation process and widen the horizons of your business across as far as possible.

Looking at the current situation where all the taxi owners are facing a high leap in the business, developing such features can quickly bring them back in the business and at the same time provide help to the needy.

Our end goal behind developing this taxi booking app solution was to provide ease and assistance in the market and bring out the best in the taxi solutions business.

We have a ready-to-go solution, take a peek into the features, benefits, and the entire process of integration by booking a demo session with us.

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