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Talabat is an online food ordering company that was founded in Kuwait in 2004. The company mainly operates in middle east countries. It has been the leading food ordering app in UAE for over a decade. 

Talabat UAE has recently announced Cristiano Ronaldo as its official brand ambassador in March 2022. 

Cristiano Ronaldo said: “For me, Talabat and I share a number of similarities – it is about keeping the best shape and working smarter on and off the pitch,  and making sure I’m in the right place and time to have the greatest impact. I know to trust my experience, my intuition, and my skill to make sure that I’m bringing the greatest delivery for my team, just as Talabat and riders do when they deliver to customers every day all across the MENA region.” (Source) 

Also, in Dubai EXPO 2020, which was held from October 2021 to March 2022, Talabat Robots were popular with all the visitors. Users were able to use QR codes and the robots were fully integrated with the Talabat app.  Source

Why should you develop a Talabat clone app?

During the post-pandemic period, food delivery apps like Talabat have increased their  operations in middle east countries. Talabat UAE has witnessed a more than 60% increase in order across its app. 

In addition to that Talabat has started providing medicine and grocery delivery services too. The market has shown gravitation toward online food delivery services and Talabat UAE is leading 

Here are the benefits of developing a Talabat clone app:

Cost Effective

• Time Efficient

• Convenient Method

• 100% Customisable

• Personalized Solution 

Features of Talabat UAE Application 

There are 4 modules of the online food ordering app. All these modules contain different features. An on-demand food delivery app can be divided into 4 modules. Let’s have a look at them with their features one by one. 

1. Customer App

It is the main attraction for users demanding food ordering services. It must have a smooth user experience and convenient flow to order the food online. 

2. Seller/Restaurant Owner App

This module of the application is dedicated to restaurant owners who want to register themselves on the app and start an online food delivery service with an app like Talabat. 

3. Delivery Agent App

As the name suggests, this module is specifically designed for delivery agents who are considered the heart of this business. 

4. Admin App

It is considered the CPU of the Food delivery app. It helps the admin to monitor all the other three modules.

Let us have a look at some of the important features to include in the Talabat clone app. 

Integrate Payment Gateways with multiple payment method options

• Multilingual Capabilities

• Real-time location tracking

• Delivery Management

• Search Filter

• Ratings & Reviews

How to build an app like Talabat?

1. Conduct Market Research

Understanding all the market requirements is very important before entering into any kind of business. Understand all the latest trends, analyze current market leads and decide what to develop. 

2. Choose Business Model

The next step would be to choose the right business model for your food ordering app like Talabat. Explore all the business models available in the market Also, you can strategize the business model by innovating any existing business model.

3. Select Revenue Model

There are so many revenue models available in the market such as Commission Fees, Delivery charges, Ad campaigns, On-site restaurant promotions, Subscription fees, etc.

4. Decide on the development approach

There are 2 types of approaches to consider: 

Custom Development from Scratch

Readymade Solution

If you want to create a unique solution then you should go with the custom development from scratch. You should not forget that custom development comes with a higher budget.  

If you want your application ready immediately with minimal customization then go with the readymade solution. It saves both time and money.

Once you have simplified the purpose and budget of your application then decide on the  development approach you want to go with.

5. Decide on Features

At last, decide the features and functionalities you want to add in your application like Talabat. Select the features as per your requirements and then start with designing and developing a food ordering application.

Cost to develop an app like Talabat

It is dependent on various factors. It is very difficult to state a specific amount for Talabat clone app development. Cost depends on the aspects such as

Location of the App development Company.

• Number of Features

• Complexity of Application

• Number of App Platforms

• Number of Team members

Looking at all these aspects, if you want to develop an app like Talabat, it will cost you around $10000 to $30000 with the time periods of 5 to 6 months.

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It also depends on the Techstack your development team chooses to develop an app like Talabat. But also it is totally on the app development team to choose the appropriate Techstack. 

How Can Coruscate Help You 

It is very important to choose the right team for developing the Talabat clone app. We at Coruscate provide you the guarantee to deliver a well-featured clone app like Talabat. Coruscate is one of the best on-demand app development companies. Our app development team will deliver a  bug-free and top-notch app like Talabat.


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