Authorities are planning to make cities of Norway car-free. (You know what to do next!) Build an e-scooter app in Norway and jump into a business-ready market.

Build an e-scooter app in Norway

When it comes to electric scooter sharing business, Norway is the most profitable and business-ready market. An electric scooter-sharing startup is likely to earn double in Norwegian cities than American cities. And there are many strong reasons behind it. 

Why is it easy to be profitable as the micro-mobility startup in Norway? 

Norway is the world’s second-ranked most eco-friendly country. Reusing, recycling, reduction of plastic, fighting food waste, and electrification of personal and public transportation are the major ways Norway is contributing to an environmentally friendly planet. 

Talking about the electrification of personal and public transportation, use of electric modes of personal transportation has raised significantly since 2014. In fact, for the first time in the history of any nation, the electric modes of transportation have started affecting the oil industry! Norway’s oil industry has witnessed a 2.2% decline in overall petroleum product sales. 

Another reason why Norwegian micro-mobility market is capable of giving fruitful results to micro-mobility startups is a positive approach of government authorities towards the micro-mobility ecosystem. 

Additionally, Oslo which is the Capital of Norway and one of the most profitable micro-mobility markets will soon become car-free. Many claims that major purposes behind this surprising step to make cities of Norway car-free are reducing the emission, actualizing more attractive city centres for locals & tourists and capitalizing micro-mobility which includes small electric cars, electric bicycles and e-scooters.

Though making a city car-free is the arguable decision, Norwegians are supporting the decision. Norwegians who have already adapted the bicycle sharing system very widely do not think twice to rent an e-scooter and contribute to environmental sustainability. Amid such an eco-friendly people and government, it is a safe bet to develop an e-scooter app in Norway and build a large user base very effortlessly. 

However, many micro-mobility startups have already been performing well in the Norwegian micro-mobility market. And you should know about them to outperform them. Following are the top players dominating the micro-mobility market of Norway. 

Top e-scooter sharing apps in Norway

Many Europe-based and USA-based micro-mobility startups have deployed their e-scooters on the streets of major cities of Norway and achieved many milestones at the surprisingly fast pace. Those startups include, 

  • TIER  

TIER e-scooter app is very popular in Nordic regions. According to Similarweb, it is the most popular travel app in Norway. It even has attracted more than 10 million users in a matter of just a few months. In Norway, it is accessible to the people of Oslo.  

Read our dedicated blog on TIER e-scooter app if you want to build a clone of TIER e-scooter app. 

  • VOI 

A Sweden-based micro-mobility startup named VOI is running its e-scooter sharing business in Oslo, Norway. And in particular this region, VOI has already been experiencing seasonal profitability. VOI has recently raised $85 million in a round of funding led by Vostok New Ventures, Balderton Capital, Project A, JME Ventures, Raine Ventures, Kreos Capital, Inbox Capital, Rider Global, Black Ice Capital, and Creandum.  

Read our dedicated blog on VOI e-scooter app if you want to build a clone of VOI e-scooter app. 

  • Lime 

Considering its potential, an USA-based one of the top micro-mobility startups, Lime, could not stop itself from entering into Norwegian micro-mobility market. Lime has launched its services in Oslo and Helsinki during July 2019. To build a strong initial user base, Lime offered 3 free 10-minutes rides. Lime also aggressively promoted safety features of its e-scooter hardware and e-scooter app to ensure the safety of riders.  

After reading so far, if you are wondering how to outperform these big players in Norway, here is a proven strategy.


How to outperform top e-scooter apps in Norway? 

Though these micro-mobility startups are operating at very large scale, a newbie micro-mobility startup can easily outperform them if the new micro-mobility startup employs a technique called Competitive Analysis.  

Competitive Analysis is a very well-known technique to know the loopholes in your competitors’ mobile apps, business models & business processes and do better than them. For particular Norwegian micro-mobility market, all you need to do to outperform top e-scooter sharing startups is establishing the link between missing features in those popular apps and requirements of the users. Once you achieve it, you can easily add those missing features which satisfy the requirements of users in your app and run a marketing campaign based on those features only. You can utilize the same technique to define a better business model than top e-scooter rental startups and earn more. 

However, it isn’t as easy as pie. It requires a business expert who takes many factors into account to carry out Competitive Analysis precisely. We, at Coruscate, accommodate well-versed business experts who can guide you to easily outperform top e-scooter apps in Norway. 


Another thing you need to consider while building an e-scooter app in Norway is the regulations. Many micro-mobility startups which fail to obey the government regulations fall into legal trouble which sometimes costs the permit. 

Top e-scooter regulations in Norway  

Though there aren’t any separate laws regarding the use of e-scooter in Norway, there are a few most common laws every operator and rider should follow. However, it is anticipated that Norway will soon impose harsh e-scooter laws to minimize the fatalities caused by e-scooters. 

  • E-scooter riders should wear the helmet. 
  • The operator should provide a helmet to a rider. 
  • An operator should have valid insurance. 
  • As of June 2019, there was no age limit to ride an e-scooter in Norway.  
  • As of June 2019, there was no blood alcohol limit on e-scooters. 
  • The operator should educate riders to ride safe and park e-scooters appropriately. 
  • One should not carry pet and another person on an e-scooter. 
  • The operator should retrieve a non-functional e-scooter as soon as possible. 

That’s all. We’ve covered all the things which you have to know to start an electric scooter sharing business in Norway. And in case, you want to know the cost to build an e-scooter app in Norway and what other services we offer beyond app development, here it is. 

How much does it cost to build an e-scooter app in Norway?  

Coruscate is the top e-scooter app development company which has developed 10 e-scooter apps including an app for Norwegian micro-mobility market. Since we have already developed and delivered an e-scooter app to Norway-based client, we possess very purposeful knowledge about the Norwegian micro-mobility market and recipe it requires to dominate the Norwegian market.  

Our app developers, app designers, IoT engineers, business experts and legal advisors all work together to make your business journey painless. 

Our business experts help you study the market, draft the business plan, and decide on a business model. Whereas, our legal advisors help you to get a permit. 

And our app developers, designers and IoT engineers integrate some of the very groundbreaking features into the app.    

Talking about the cost to build an e-scooter app in Norway, it depends on the approach you choose. 

  • To develop a custom e-scooter app with all custom features, we charge somewhere between $15K to $25K. 
  • The price to develop the clone of some popular e-scooter apps starts from $10K. 
  • And our subscription plan for the white label e-scooter app starts from just $500. 

To learn more about our cost structures and get a personalized quote, please feel free to contact us. Our one of the senior business experts will welcome you with the free e-scooter app demo and free consultation.

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