Spin, in pursuit of the next E – Scooter combat zone

Stumble upon the advantages of developing an integrated E – Scooter app in the rising economic growth of the Micro mobility vehicles’ market.

Spin – A Ford owned Micro mobility kingpin has brought to the emerging market of E – Scooter, with the constant rise in the market share. Developing such an App can be profitable and sustainable.

Why you should develop e scooter app like Spin?

With the E-Scooter trend emerging across the globe and raising awareness about choosing the environmentally friendly transport options, big cities like New York have been promoting pilot programs, advocating the usage of shared E-Scooters across the city in order to avoid traffic congestion, pollution and constant maintenance of social distancing. Just like every other emerging business trend, the trend of E – Scooters sharing business and E-Bikes sharing business has escalated dramatically with new companies coming up with unique technologies and applying for the permit. The next 12 months are going to be all about a lot of promising lobbying activities, looking at the progressive Micro mobility market.

Meanwhile, with latest iOS update (iOS 14) Apple has come up with a new biking feature on Maps, the new iOS will also be providing the users with a separate cycling option, allowing the riders to navigate their way through, and optimize their paths suggesting them the best possible routes. 

Spin launching it’s first International E – Scooter Market in Germany with the leap in demand

In the year 2018, Ford acquired San – Francisco based company Spin at a price of $100 billion, with a vision to expand the urban transport industry. The company announced it’s first international expansion in the month of February, right before the global lockdown took place. With Uber and other ride-hailing companies turning on its head, the cities have been opting for social distancing measures from cars and fuel oriented vehicles. This shift has resulted in approximately 34% increase in new daily users weekly, since April. 

Spin has been operating across dozens of cities in the U.S., and have risen the trip durations to up to 44%. In other words, people have been opting for micro mobile vehicles to maintain a combination of Social Distancing and avoidance of Public Transport. Since June 10, Spin’s dockless vehicles have been operating in Cologne, Essen and Dortmund in Germany. The company has also carried out operations to opt for permissions to operate in Paris and Lyon in France. The company also confirms the submission of proposals to enter the U.K. market including cities like London, Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham.

In addition to this, Spin intends a plan to extend its domestic services in cities like Atlanta and Georgia starting from the month of July. With the unlock of lockdown in process, ride-hailing companies like Uber have started to recover their bookings, the company confirmed. However with the uncertainty of the second or third wave of COVID – 19 hitting the world, these companies might experience a rise in demand, with people wanting to opt for more sustainable options, also, these micro mobile vehicles are much more affordable as compared to the fuel oriented vehicles, and helps the customers to reach their desired destinations on time.

When devising an e-scooter mobile app from scratch, there are a few things you need to consider.

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Summing Up

Spin is expanding its market at a rapid rate, providing affordable and convenient transport options to the customers internationally. With the right knowledge of the market and smart usage of technology, Spin has made an impactful performance.

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