How Artificial Intelligence Based System Helped Improve Customer Interaction and Customer Service?

The client was in a resort business, and had queries coming in all through the day
and night. They had personnels attending to the calls made during the day. However,
their main problem was attending to the customers at night, owing to which they lost a
major chunk of their business. They called for Coruscate’s help to establish a way to
attend to customers 24 hours.

The Broad Requirements

  • They wanted a system that would interact with the customers whenever they called.
  • The system should be able to attend to basic queries and should hint at a resource calling back for further inquiries.
  • Their main concern was customer service, which had reached a downfall owing to the increase in calls during odd hours.

The Solution we Offered

We developed a system that would automatically connect with the customers calling in, and talk to them. The AI based Skype bot system was intelligent enough to understand the queries raised by the customer, and talk to them with a defining solution. It used the Microsoft query session for quick parsing of the solutions .

The Proposed Features

Lead Generation

The AI based system will attend to all callers, eventually helping with converting the leads.

Requirement check

Customer Service

If the customers or potential customers called in with queries, the AI based system would respond automatically, thus taking care of all the issues the customer is facing.

TextBlob and other tools would be used to identify and categorize the tweets.

Planning and Designing


The alertness and immediate response flourished by the system exceeds that of the person.

Front end Development


  • Quick and responsive service offered to the customers.
  • The customer management department can look into the queries from the history and other related information with ease.
  • Performing data analysis and checking into the user demand has been made easy.