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On-demand plant food app

People order all sorts of cuisines on food delivery apps. But wouldn’t it be really convenient having a dedicated app for the vegans and vegetarians? The idea is taken up recently by many entrepreneurs interested to join the food delivery industry.

A Danish startup named Simple feast has recently raised $33 million in their B round of fundings to push their climate credentials. With the return of Greta Thunberg to Europe after radicalizing a generation in the US, people have realized that there is something more to the food production and climate change that can be a part of the on-demand industry and generate money.

How did the idea come into existence?

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Simple Feast was basically founded with a vision of having the Danes cooking more food at their homes. The startup came into existence in the year 2014. The app offered hundreds of recipes from the world’s best chefs. But as people have limited time for cooking, they need the everyday meals that are quick and easy to prepare. So, then the app came up with an idea of delivering cooked food in the year 2017. But they started with the dishes having 20% meat.

But they were aware of the climate report which made an unforgettable impression on them. They realized that a plant-based diet would decrease the climate footprint from food by 60-80%. The plant-based diet carries the potential to be this generation’s most celebrated contribution to the world and the generations to come. They welcomed the explosive world of plants and flavors on November 1, 2017.

They had this perfect team for the creation of plant-based dinners which included Rasmus Kliim, Rasmus Grube, Anders Vald and Thomas Parry. They had previously worked at Michelin- starred restaurants in Denmark and abroad.

Financial Growth of Simple Feast : On Demand Plant food app

Simple Feast has recently entered its series B round and raised $33 million. This round was led by the U.S.-based venture capital firm 14W. There were also many other investors participating which included Europe’s Balderton Capital.

The company was self-funded in the beginning. However, they added Sweet Capital (London/Stockholm) and byFounders (CPH/SF) as the first VCs. Also, the fundings from Balderton Capital (London) and 14W (NYC) joined in the Series A and B came in the meantime. The total amount of the funding was raised to $50 million.

The company was founded by Jakob Jonck and Thomas Ambus. Jønck was also the co-founder of Endomondo which was later acquired by MyFitnessPal.

According to the founders, the future of food belongs to the plants and the plant-based and unprocessed. They feel that the moment is important to save the human health and the planet. This investment is a step forward to continue the journey and bring better products to the customers. They are also working and strengthening their R&D and putting more effort in food innovation.

The climate agenda is maintained by Simple Feast as they are using the packaging which is made solely by FSC-approved cardboard boxes. They are also using the frozen tap water in drinkable cartons as the cooling element to keep the food fresh. All the products that use are 100% organic.

With the continued caliber and deep operational experience of the management, the company seems to have an opportunity to become a global, category-defining brand as they expand to the U.S. early next year.

The customers who are looking for a plant-based diet are basically the meat-eating families. These families are well-educated, have a middle or high income. They are trying to cutting down the meat in their meal and demand high quality and transparency in the food they consume.

The main competitors for the app are the restaurants and takeaways. But the company does not want to compromise on taste or quality, nor convenience or packaging and have fixed standards while delivering services.

Develop Alternative app of Simple Feast, How to Make an App Like Simple Feast, Simple Feast alternative app features to consider

How Our Simple Feast Clone on-demand plant food app works?

The Simple Feast clone app should offer products like Feast for families, green food and even comfort food for their customers. The app also can display the climate facts, recipes and also other things related to plant-based food that interest their customers.

  • The only thing that your customers need to do choose the choice of their meal-box from the delicious organic menu available.
  • The delivery of the dishes is done on Sundays for Simple Feast and the meals need to be refrigerated as soon as possible once the food arrives at the customer’s doorstep.
  • The delicious food is well thought and can be prepared in very little time efficiently. The customers just need to heat the food and serve it.
  • These meals are very much sustainable as these do not include the use of meat, plastics, and styrofoam in the food or packaging.
  • The Simple Feast app even has a subscription model for the customers. There is no commitment required for the app, the customers can skip deliveries anytime they prefer.

The Simple Feast company has an app which is called Min Mad app. Using these app customers can check out the recipe origins, nutritional information, and even the serving instructions. The app can be used to skip deliveries, update the information and even change the meal-boxes every week. The app also allows you to order the next week’s dishes in advance with a simple click. Also, customers can be inspired to cook delicious and environmentally friendly food. They can even learn about health and sustainability topics. All of this just through a simple and amazing app.


Wonderful! Isn’t it? The industry has the potential to make it huge in the coming future but along with opportunities come the challenges. The biggest challenge that companies like these face are variety. The meal boxes are less like meal boxes but more of preset meals. There are fewer options to work with and the customers don’t always get a choice to say they don’t like something. But regardless of how all these things are, the companies do benefit people who wish to stop eating meat and go vegan or vegetarian.

The difference can be always made with an amazing app. And Coruscate, with our latest technologies and expert team of developers, can help you to get your on demand plant food delivery startup hit the road with a very user-friendly and excellent app. To know more about the development cost and features that you could include, connect with us by scheduling a free consultation session.

A basic chart for P2P payments app development cost is as follows:

Note: We do not make clones of any exact application, clone means to us is how better we can execute your app idea with existing app features and experience.

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