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Doordash clone with best security features

Recently, DoorDash, one of the top online food delivery service has confirmed a data breach. They have confirmed that the information of around 4.9 million customers, delivery workers and merchants has been stolen by the hackers.


Security issue with DoorDash

The company confirmed the breach occurred on May 4th. They also added that the customers who joined after April 5, 2018, were not affected by the breach. It is surprising that DoorDash took five months to detect the breach.

Reasons for the data breach

DoorDash blamed this unfortunate occurrence on an unnamed third-party service provider. The users who were affected by this breach had their name, email and delivery addresses, order history, phone numbers and hashed and salted passwords stolen. The company spokesperson also said that the customers had the last four digits of their payment cards taken even though the full card numbers and CVV were not taken. The merchant and delivery workers were also affected as they had their last four digits of bank account numbers stolen. Along with that, more than 100000 delivery workers had their driver’s license information stolen.

The DoorDash customers complained that their accounts had been hacked. Though the company denied a data breach, they claimed that the attackers were driving credential stuffing attacks. In this type of attack, the hackers take lists of stolen usernames and passwords and then use the same ones on the other sites. However, according to the customers, the passwords were unique to DoorDash.
Solutions to stop the data breaches in your food delivery app like DoorDash 

Develop Alternative app of DoorDash, How to Make an App Like DoorDash, DoorDash alternative app features to consider

Which Security Features we provide with DoorDash Clone app?

With the evident security trouble, online security has become a great concern for online users using the food delivery app. The customers, merchants, and delivery persons are all concerned about the safety and security of their data and they are fully allowed to it. As a service provider, you must ensure that you have secure payments and data security features for your users. If you will be using some of the user data for your app and other purposes, you must first take permission from the users.

Implementing secure payment systems and keeping the data protected is the first intent of developing trust and long-term relationships.

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What do we offer with our Doordash clone app?

» Doordash clone app features:

We offer five unparalleled features that make our DoorDash app stand out. These features are which make your food delivery app popular among others.

» Recommended List:

Our app makes the use of the latest Artificial Intelligence technology to suggest food items based on their choices.

» Top Menu:

To get the entire food ordering streamlined and make it more customer-centric, we have got a top menu option in the app where the top-rated food items in a restaurant are displayed for the users.

» Dual Rating:

The food delivery app that we offer provides you an option to give ratings twice:
1. To the food quality and 2. To the delivery person who delivered the food at your doorstep.

» Live Tracking:

We know the importance of live tracking these days for the customers. The customers are interested to check out where the food has reached after they order it online. Through our food delivery app solution, you can also send regular updates of the food to the customers.

» Schedule Delivery:

Through our customized food delivery solution, you can easily allow the customers to schedule orders even a week in advance! So, the customer can be at peace and save time while ordering during peak hours or festivals.

What makes our DoorDash clone app different?

A food delivery business stands out because of the remarkable things they provide to the customers. You are known for the product and services that you offer to your customers. That’s why you should always offer the best quality and keep the needs of your customers in mind. So, now your question will be how does our DoorDash clone app work?
DoorDash has some uncommon features which make it’s business model astounding.

  • Earns profits for each section in business all at the same time.
  • Like DoorDash your food delivery app should have its own delivery persons.
  • The DoorDash delivery charge is between $5 to $8 for the customers.
  • DoorDash’s revenue arises from a 20% commission charge charged from the dealers.
  • Delivery persons in DoorDash’s business model make more than $600 in one year.

Many of the food delivery services like Zomato, Swiggy, Foodpanda, and others have started their services by getting inspiration from DoorDash. The food delivery apps not only allow the customers to order food but also find the perfect restaurant for various occasions.

Why you should choose Coruscate?

Our solutions are the best in the market as we have expertise in developing on-demand food delivery apps. Our designers and developers are experts in the latest technologies and they are well-versed with the industry standards. They can help you to choose your app features according to your business needs.

We provide a customizable white label solution named Vahak for your food delivery apps at $10000 to save your time and money in your business venture. We have delivered more than 100 food delivery apps like Zomato, Doordash, Swiggy, Ubereats.

We can proudly say that we provide the best security for the food delivery app and 100% satisfaction for all our customers. With us as your technology partner, you should not worry about support and maintenance. We provide end to end support at every step of your business venture.


How can you earn money with the DoorDash clone app?

There are three methods to earn money with the DoorDash clone solution. You can use advertisements, commission, and delivery fees to generate huge profits.

Can the delivery persons see tips?

No, the delivery persons cannot see the tips individually. But they can see is the weekly collected money which is the amount paid by Doordash and the money they have earned as tips.

What is the DoorDash clone app and how does it work?

The DoorDash clone app is a food delivery solution. The app can have a list of restaurants available for the customers to choose from. The user can also choose a secure payment method according to their wishes. The food is then delivered at their doorsteps by the delivery persons.

How do the delivery persons get paid?

According to the DoorDash business model, the dashers get $1 for every order. However, during the peak time deliveries and the conditions that fall under their peak pay policy, they get to make some extra bucks for the deliveries.

Does the DoorDash delivery charge is earned by drivers?

No. The delivery charges go to the company and not drivers. Drivers get paid at the rate of $1 per delivery and they also get all the tips that they earn in their account.

If you are interested to know more about the DoorDash clone app or you wish to check out our white label solutions, you can connect with us for a free consultation session. Our research team and developers are always happy to help you with all your business needs.

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Note: We do not make clones of any exact application, clone means to us is how better we can execute your app idea with existing app features and experience.

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