Complete Ready to go taxi mobile app solution to manage cab services, taxi and drivers app development

Complete Ready to go taxi mobile app solution to manage cab services, taxi and drivers app development

We live in a fast-paced world. From the cars to our lifestyle, everything is moving at a fast pace. If there is no convenience being offered in a particular solution, we don’t consider it as a solution at all. At this point, taxis and the convenience they offer has become an important aspect. From hailing a cab right outside your house to being dropped at a location of your choice, taxis have become more of a norm for convenience.

There has been tremendous growth in the taxi booking app solutions. From a mere one-player market to a successful and global market, this segment has grown and redefined convenience. Apart from the regular players in the market, we saw a key player rising and raising funds to move the market one notch higher towards convenience.

Let’s take a look at how a taxi booking app helps overcome certain challenges.

How Can You Manage Challenges with Uber-like App?

Let’s look at life before the ride-hailing services. You had to wait till you could find an empty cab on the road, stop them and take their services. The cost of hiring a cab in these cases would be high, and sometimes unnecessarily expensive. If you need a cab at night, there are chances that you won’t find one.

Here are a few challenges that you face when you don’t have a taxi service.

  • The fleet goes empty and the overall fleet optimization is zero. With the cab service app, your fleet owner will know how many cabs are in service, and how many are running empty at the moment. Accordingly, they can optimize the service and improve the offering. The mobile app will also tell them where the cab is at present and will help improve with fleet management
  • With the right mobile app solutions, you can enhance the cab services and improve the driver’s ability and response. The ride services will tell you whether the driver can take more rides or not. Accordingly, you can notify them about new rides and improve their productivity
  • The speed with which customers can hire a cab service increases with the mobile app. the users can easily hail a ride from their mobile phone, and increase the agility of these services. Commuting is made simple, effective and efficient
  • When the taxis move around the town, the drivers are not aware of the traffic in that particular place. However, the app can make their ride efficient by signaling route optimization and helping them with the ideal route. The GPS will accurately help them take the right route, thus overcoming the traffic and reaching the destination fast.
  • Finally, the mobile app solution also helps overcome the maintenance challenges posed by the vehicles. With the smart solutions, you will get insights into preventive maintenance, which will help you know whether your taxi needs to go for service, or not. It will help increase the longevity of the car.

We have been working in the taxi app development for a while, and have understood the driver and rider perspective, which has helped us deliver off-the-shelf, completely ready and manageable mobile app solutions. 

What Our Ready-to-Use Solution Includes?


We have developed a completely ready to use taxi mobile app solution, which you can use for your business requirements. We can even customize it to suit your business objectives.

#1 For the User


The solution contains the following aspects for the user of the mobile app, i.e. the customer hailing the ride.

  1. The ride schedule includes mentioning the pickup and drop-off locations for the user. This will allow the app to find a ride near the pickup location, and ensure minimal waiting time for you. 
  2. The user can find a ride that matches their location, the type of ride they want to take, the affordability and other details. In some cases, they can even share the ride with other people.
  3. The car’s current location and the ETA are given once the cab has been booked. The real-time movement of the cab is also shown on the map. This allows the user to track the driver and know when they will reach their location
  4. Once the ride is complete, the user can pay through the app or using cash, depending on their preferences
  5. The user can, on completion of the ride, offer ratings and reviews that will help the company know how good the driver was
  6. The app also calculates the approximate fare for the user, so that they know how much they will need to pay for the ride
  7. In case the user wants to check the ride details, rates, and other things for a particular ride, the user can check into the history

#2 For the Driver


  1. The driver will get an alert when some user is looking for a ride. In case the driver is in that location and wishes to take the ride, then they can accept it
  2. Once accepted, the driver will know all the details related to the ride. They can use the map to reach the location
  3. The driver will get all the details pertaining to the rider, including their name and ratings on the app
  4. The driver can rate the user at the end of the ride
  5. They can check the earning for the week, and even transfer it into their bank accounts with the app
  6. They can check into their ride history and other specific details with the app

#3 For the Admin


  1. The admin should be able to assign the driver and should be able to allocate drivers to the riders with greater efficiency
  2. The app should allow the admin to check the profit/loss statements and other financial details to know how the app is faring

Top App Features for the Startup


As a startup mobile app business venturing into taxi app solutions, you need to include these basic features

  • Easy Scheduling: The first thing you should enable is scheduling. You should allow users to schedule the rides with ease and in a hassle-free manner. 
  • Payment Integration: When your user gets down at their location, allow them to pay via the payment system most convenient to them. you can allow them to use the wallets, cards or other payment methods
  • Real-time Tracking: This feature is essential so that the users know the exact wait time for the cab, and can track the movement from its location to your location. 

Top App Features for Established Businesses


Apart from the regular features, you should also include the following features to your app for the established business.

  • Social Signup: You should allow your users to sign in to the app or register using their social login or Google account
  • Reviews and Ratings: The users should be able to rate the drivers and vice versa. This will give you a good insight into the drivers and their ride history. It will also help you know if the rider or user is good or you should cancel the ride
  • Fare Estimator: The app should calculate the approximate amount for the ride and let the users know. This will help them to take the decision on whether they want to go ahead with the ride or not
  • History: The users as well as the driver app should contain this feature. It will allow both sides to check on their rides. The driver will know their earnings, while the user will get details on the past rides.

Advance App Features for your App


  • Vehicle Listing: When your business grows, your fleet will grow too. You will have cars and vehicles that fit into various categories. You should allow the users to choose from these segments
  • Dashboard: When the app goes to the advanced level, you can include a dashboard from where the driver can automatically view all the details pertaining to his ride including earnings and total number rides and reviews
  • Automated System: With the use of current technologies and better handling capabilities, the system can be automated to manage the rides efficiently. From ride allocation to fleet management, everything is automated with the app solution. 

Cost of App Development


When you enter the taxi sharing app development market, you are concerned regarding the cost of developing this app. Coruscate delivers the off-the-shelf app solution within 55 business days under $10k. we have the right team and the expertise that helps us build and deliver the right solution for your needs.

We include all the above features, a well-defined driver and rider app, and brilliantly communicating backend to make sure your app is just the right fit for your business.

Summing Up


Coruscate offers able solutions for your ride-sharing taxi mobile app needs. we work on your business objectives, understand the premise for developing a capable solution, and accordingly define your mobile app.

A basic chart for P2P payments app development cost is as follows:

We partner with businesses, and provide them with a technology edge, using our experience of working on current technologies and the knowledge of current trends. If you have an on-demand business idea, connect with us for a full-fledge, ready to deploy a mobile app solution. 

Note: We do not make clones of any exact application, clone means to us is how better we can execute your app idea with existing app features and experience.

Let’s build your own app

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