Times Group

Times club offered memorable and lavish holiday experiences to the members. They were new-on-the-block players in this holiday segment when they came to Coruscate

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Business Issues

The client had no system in place. They were onto various offline activities but, there was no online system that could manage them and keep the different points of contact coordinated

  • They had volunteers and people in their organization set at different outlets, where people were bound to come. These people were responsible for collecting the names and numbers of the visitors. A cold call was then given to all these people. But, there was no system that recorded all these offline activities and kept a check on whose tracks were covered and whose weren’t
  • The same lead visits different malls and is attended to by different volunteers of Times club. A lot of contacts have been duplicated as a result. This means the same lead has been called at different times
  • The client was unaware of all the leads there were in the system. They were not able to contact a few or some of them remained cold, as they did not know the total leads in the system and how many of them are active and the number of inactive leads.
  • The company was facing issues when organizing an event during the major festivals. They collaborated with different companies to get the event on the floor. This meant they were unable to keep a track of the people coming to the event, and they had to place at least 6 resources on the ground to distribute passes.
  • Direct marketing was another way of approaching the leads and converting them. However, the branding and the brand identity represented by the direct marketers did not align with the company’s image. The presentations and other data that was shown to the lead also differed in many ways. This was hampering the brand and the conversions


The Solution

We gave a CRM cum booking management system.

crm system
  • Using the CRM system, the company can upload all the excels, collected from the offline activities. This would help them know the total number of leads that have been connected through the offline mode. The system will not take duplication; so if the same lead has been approach twice in different places, they will be considered as one, and the CRM avoids duplication in this manner
  • The CRM system will help determine which leads are active, which ones have not been connected with yet, and which leads have gone cold. This will help the tele-callers connect with the leads, and manage the leads according to their nurturing stage. They will even take care of the direct marketing through the CRM
  • We offered an integration of the booking management system through the CRM for easy bookings and complete report of the booking inventory.
  • Once the members have registered, they can access the hotels available, and book them through the mobile application. The backend keeps an inventory of the bookings available, the dates for which the bookings are available and other hotel inventory.
  • Event management was another major aspect of the solution we developed. The company developed an event management system which allowed the client to create an event, distribute epasses and streamline the processes. The QR code enabled passes were to be given at the event venue, wherein they would be scanned and the entry would be allowed to the people. The system kept a record of all those people to whom the passes were distributed, and all the other event related matters.
  • For the direct marketing, we included an OTP system into the solution we had developed. Whenever the direct marketer would visit the lead’s place, an OTP would appear on the user end. When the OTP is inserted into the computer, the DM can login and show the presentation. A complete track of the presentation is also done, as to how much time was spent, what aspects of the presentation was shown etc. the DM’s are tracked using this system
  • We also included a complaint management system which allowed the members to raise issues and send feedback on their bookings and other arrangements.
  • The system keeps a track of the bookings made in the hotels, which hotels receive more bookings than it can hold and which ones do not receive the necessary bookings. This helps them know where the inventory needs to be added and where it needs to be reduced



The company has improved the bookings by multiple manifolds since the system was created

The number of conversions have gone up as against the number of dismissals

The company has held 7 successful events since the system went on floor.