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Business Problems

The client wanted to create a B2B marketplace where the farmers, area admin and markets get together for buying and selling agricultural products.

  • The farmers have always had a problem selling the goods at a decent price.
  • Each area has several agents ready to stock up the farm products and sell to the markets. However, there is no price integrity in many cases. There is no transparent system in place. This means there are chances that the agent sells at a comparatively higher price than he has bought it for. This could mean a loss for the retailer as well as the farmer.
  • They needed a transparent system where all the roles can observe and value the goods accordingly.
  • Each farmer would enter the different units for the products they want to sell. There was no unified unit for the vegetables and other farm products. The conversion was done manually, which took time and effort.


The Solution

We presented them with a web as well as mobile application, which allowed them to set the prices and bring together the farmers, area admin or agents and the end markets. The farmers can log into the system, set the price for the products they want to sell.

Each agent is given a defined area. They can connect with the farmers in that area, and buy products from them at the said rates. These products are then delivered to the markets at the rate the agents have defined. The markets would know the price difference and the farmers would also be aware of the prices that the agent is selling it for.

The system had an algorithm in place which could convert the different units into a predefined unit, which is the followed norm in the market.