Eo Mumbai

EO or Entrepreneur’s Organization is a global peer-to-peer network. The members include influential business owners, and the organization has its footprints in 58 countries.

eo mumbai


Business Issues

To become an EO member, you had to own a business with a specific turnover. The major issues faced by the company included:

  • EO Mumbai had several members on-board. If a particular member wanted to search for another member or talk to them for assistance, they were unable to do it. Searching was not possible, and there was no way to communicate except for private messages. These messages were not maintained, which meant you could never go back to a message
  • Secondly, the organization was known to hold many events. Whenever they wanted to communicate any event, they had to manually run an email campaign or send out invites for the event
  • If the members participated in these events, they received certain points. Everything was manual, so managing the point system was tedious
  • Every once in a while the members organized a retreat. The whole management was done offline, which again caused issues in notification, management and other aspects
  • Finally, the organization released a newsletter named EO Governance. This was a members-only newsletter. The whole campaign for the newsletter had to be managed offline


The Solution

We offered a website plus a mobile app solution to help the organization resolve the issues mentioned here.

There was a search feature added to the application, using which the members could search

The application had a chat feature, which allowed the members to communicate with each other. The chat feature held all records of the talks by the members. So, if someone wanted to go back to what they were talking, it became easy.

The web application allowed you to manage the events. Everything from event invite to emails to the other communication was done through the website. The admin had full control on what needs to be sent and when. Once automated, the emails and sms are sent to the members. Same feature has been added for the retreat as well

The organization had a system to record points. Whenever they wanted to see who received how many points or who has been served with a notice for no-participation, they simply needed to get on to the site and the details are available

The organization could offer value added services and manage the discounts the members can avail through this site. The members can see everything that is related to them


Version 2

The second version of this solution was developed for NGO. Sometimes in case of emergency, a particular blood group is required. The system will give names of the members who qualify the blood need, with their consent of course. This will help resolve emergencies

There is a mobile app which can be handy, when you are on the go. You can add the events to the Google calendar, as there is a syncing feature available with this application.