Elvee Jewels

The client is a leading jewelry business in the B2B segment


Business Problems

There was no business problem as such. The client was unhappy with the current UI for the B2B application they had. They wanted a more aesthetic and easy-to-use application.


The Solution

We offered admin portal using Laravel that will allow the admin to add the different jewelry types with ease from the backend.

You can easily place orders with this application using the add-to-cart feature.

The user can get an approximate rate of the jewelry they are interested in. The algorithm for this calculation depends on weight, and type of stone.

You can search the stone/ jewelry you are looking on this portal, as it has been segregated accordingly, making it searchable.

The UI also displays the trending jewelry in the form of albums to notify what is in this season.


Technologies Stack


Time Duration

  • 4 Months

    as the API dependency was involved