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The client is a renowned jewellery manufacturer and trader.

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Business Problems

  • As the client is in jewellery business, there were several jobs that needed to be done. Each required different resources and skillsets. The company had several people employed on their payroll. Each of these resources had different salaries, different in/out timing, and leave policies.
  • The company was finding it difficult to manage the salaries, the attendance and the leaves for each of these employees manually. The whole attendance system was manual, which meant there was no error-free system in place. Report generation was another issue. If the management wanted to see if the employees were on leave or not, they had to check it manually. Reports had to be drawn manually, either on excel or from the registers.
  • This whole system not only led to errors but also took a lot of time. Paying out salaries on time meant a lot of resources had to sit through the manual systems to check for the attendance, leaves and other issues. Calculating all the taxes and other government induced policies was also done manually.
  • This was very difficult especially during the year-end period, when the taxes had to be calculated, eliminating the tax savings mentioned by the employee. Calculating them individually was quite tedious for the management.


The Solution

We developed a HRMS and payroll system for our client, which resolved all their issues. There is the employee side, and the management side to the tool.

In the employee side

The employees can view their in/out time

They can keep a check on the leaves available as well as the leaves they have availed

They can check the types of leaves they can get through the year

They can download the payslips through the HRMS

In case the employee is late or has done overtime, they will know the hours that will be counted. In case of late, the employee will have to undergo a punishment, which is pre-defined.

In the management side

They can check the attendance for each employee. The biometrics data is directly configured into the HRMS system

  • In case the employee is late, they can approve or disapprove the late coming (i.e. if there is a reason). They can even add the punishment and approve it
  • In case of overtime, the employer or the team lead can approve the number of hours

They can check if the employee is on leave, and what type of leave they have applied for

  • If they want to know how many employees are on a leave on a particular day, they can generate the reports
  • They can generate attendance, overtime and late hours report for the whole month/week

The payroll can be managed by the employers for quick release of salaries

  • The incentives are decided at the start. These incentives are added to the payroll system. If the employer wants to calculate the incentive along with the regular salary, they can do it automatically
  • In case an employee has demanded advance payment, it will be automatically deducted from the final salary
  • The final salary calculation is automated based on the leaves, attendance and other factors added to the algorithm

The dashboard allows the manager to see a complete view of the employees, salary and leaves.

There are three stages of approval for each i.e. leave, overtime and late hours. The admin level approval, the manager level approval and the management level approval.


Challenges faced

Managing and routing the data from biometrics into the HRMS
Managing and routing the data from biometrics into the HRMS