The client is a travel company that aims to give unique and personalized travel experiences to the customers, exceeding their expectations.


Business Problems

The client has been with the travel industry for a time, enough to understand the gaps and the problems that most people face.

Here are some of the industry issues that the client wanted to close

  • When the travelers opt for a foreign location, they are not adept with the language, thus picking up packages that cost a time
  • Choosing packages that fit their experience and budget needs at the same time was not possible
  • In some cases, when the traveler booked the package from a travel company, the agent changes hands, and they do not know who to contact and how to get the right information when they are stuck
  • Settling for a pre-defined package is not something a few travelers prefer. Most travel sites do not have a good custom package

Here are some of the issues the agents/travel companies face

  • Keeping a record of the itinerary for each of the bookings was growing difficult
  • Managing and connecting with the customer on a personalized level required a lot of effort
  • There are a lot of queries that come to a travel company but, some of the queries stay unanswered as there is no system accountable for the same


The Solution

We built a travel application portal using Node.js as the backend and Angular.js as the front end. The following were the features that we included in the portal to overcome the business problems faced by the client


The application would give a pictoguide along with the package selected by the traveller. How does this work?

When the traveler reaches the destination, the pictoguide would direct them to the next mode of transport, which will take them from the airport to the hotel. It will give a pictorial view of the transport, the hotel as well as the landmarks, making it easy for the traveler to self-guide into the tour. It will seem like they are independent, and don’t need to depend on other agents or locals to travel their hearts

It will give you a complete view of the language, logistics as well as the other facilities that you will be provided

Basic to customized information

Everything from the basic to customized information will be given to you

The application allows you to customize the package depending on your location, days and the budget you are ready to shell out for the travel.

You can save the data in the offline mode, which means even when there is no internet connection, you can access your itinerary and get the details.

Personal coach & Personal counselor

There is another option known as the personal coach and the personal counselor

The personal coach will guide you through all the details till your trip starts. You may have queries when booking the package or even after that. These queries can be discussed with the personal coach assigned to you.

The personal counselor is the one you can contact after your trip begins. When you are in the foreign land, and you face difficulties, it is the counselor who will help you find a solution. The personal counselor is assigned to a specific country. So, if you are traveling to two-three countries at a time, the personal counselor would change when you change the country.

The portal also showcases some pre-defined packages that you can select from

There is an inquiry section, which allows the prospects to enquire into select packages.


Challenges faced

This is the first of its kind of application, and there was no reference available.

Developing the application from the start required a different sort of understanding and planning, which was a challenge in itself


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