Association App

The client is a medical association, which looks after the interest of the doctors and the medical community.

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Business Problems

The client was facing association management issue. A large community such as the medical association has a lot of members, who want to communicate with each other in real-time.

Notifying the members about events, stating medical emergencies and monitoring the activities of the members were the difficulties faced by the client.


The Solution

We developed a mobile application for each individual association to resolve these issues. The app comes with a single admin, which can handle the different device applications that you have created for your business. Let’s say you are the admin of two associations. You can use a single admin and manage & monitor the device applications for the two associations.

Features include

Sending and managing notifications in real-time

Managing events: Notifying the members about the events, scheduling event rating and review categories, adding event details etc.

Product notifications

Emergency notifications(SOS) to the members.

Case Discussion

Admin can create different cases(Topics), On which members can discuss(chat) from device.


Challenges faced

There was a lot of data to be pulled. Apart from that, there were no major challenges faced during the application development.


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