A diamond company with footprints in U.S.A, India and Paris. The USA office was
responsible for instructing the purchase, the Paris team was responsible for sales
and the Indian team was responsible for the purchase.

Business Problems

The company’s Paris office would actually talk to leads and convert them into sales. Once they have a request for purchase, they will indicate the same to the USA team, which will instruct the Indian office to make the purchase for the diamond mentioned. The Quote will be raised by the Paris team, and this will be confirmed by the USA team, which will generate the Purchase Order, asking the team in India to complete the purchase.

  • The communication for all purchases occurred using different modes. Sometimes, they used Skype while other times they used the phone or the email. The different communication that takes place is not in a single place
  • They had to check all the communication mediums manually to get an understanding on the type of order and whether the PO has been raised and whether the case is open or close
  • Once the order is placed, the amount of raw materials needed to produce the order needs to be checked. If the raw materials are not available, the system should be able to generate the order for the same, and make sure the produced goods are available on time. The system should be able to calculate the amount of raw material and the costing as well
  • There was no system that could allow the people to create urgent PO, raise immediate quotations. There was no system in place to track the status of the PO generated or to open and close a particular PO and raise invoices

The Solution

We offer a system that would handle all aspects of the business right from Quotation to PO generation. Our system handled it all

The chat application allowed the users within the application to create a thread for a particular quote. They could add the mail, skype and other communication to the application. They could even discuss privately among themselves within the thread. So, whenever they wanted to check something from the communication, they could easily go to the point. There was a search option included in the chat, which enabled them to check into the communication

The admin was responsible for adding and deleting the users. They were also responsible for assigning roles to the different people involved in the application

The user could open or close the POs and other requests, and even raise POs from the system, if their role allowed them to do it

They could check the status of the PO and even seek queries in the chat