POF App Clone : Unique Dating App Solution by POF that You need to Know Before Creating Free Online Dating App Solution


“To love and to be loved is one of the greatest feelings in the world.”

Only in the USA, 45.2 Percent of the adult population is single and probability, all of them are praying God to make their life more romantic by changing their relationship status.

But in this 21st century, where everything you want to achieve is becoming harder, how can you that much of lucky enough to get a love of your life so easily?! An answer would be so simple – by using the Internet. There are plenty of applications available on the play store for the single people which help them to change their relationship status.

« Why POF Online Dating App is so popular? What are the features to consider while creating POF app clone?

POF (Plenty of fish) is the Canada based free dating application which is having 6.7 million active users, following the 8.2 million active users of a tinder dating app. POF serves the best features among the industries. Few of them are following.

» Free service and more users

POF allows users to play with the app at no cost. A user just has to download the app from the play store and he is good to go. Also, what most attracts the user is more users. Dating application is something where a user comes to meet new people. What will use the app if it doesn’t satisfy the core purpose of the user?

» Custom search

In the POF application, a user can search other user’s profile according to his taste and choice. A user can apply the filter in the search results, like, age, heights, and nationality.

» More secured

Dating application means to be secure as it holds so many personal details like photographs and chats details. POF know the severity of it and it has some of the greatest security features, like, it does not disclose your location.

» Unchallenging interface

A user interface is that simple in POF app that user don’t have to think twice before clicking on any button. It all starts with creating a profile by just providing a few details of users. After that, the user can access the great number of profiles all another user. If a user finds a particular person’s profile interesting, he has three option to choose from, yes, maybe and no. If a user gets mutual yes, then he can communicate with that other user through the app.

Who is ruling the online dating industry and how much they earn?

According to the statistic brain research institute, 49.7 million people have tried online dating applications in the USA only. This number of partnership is huge for any industry. Additionally, if we ask what are the free dating application options users have, the answer would be surprising. According to Forbes, the USA only has 2,500 active dating sites and about 1000 new sites are launched in a year. So now if we think on a broader side, we will get to know that ‘a large number of user’ has ‘a large number of dating site’ to choose from’. But still, there are only a few online dating companies like tinder, POF, match.com, bumble who is ruling the industry.

According to the App Developer magazine, Tinder is making $1574 in a minute, $1300 more than its nearest competitor, Bumber which is making $184 in a minute. Meanwhile, POF is making $83 in a minute. This earning details can easily be someone’s motivation to jump into the online dating industry. You will get the idea from the graph.


Current market trend of the online dating application and how to make money by taking advantage of more user engagement:

The number of mobile devices with internet connectivity is increasing, people curious to explore every single dimension of the internet is also increasing. People want to take advantages from all the free services available on the internet, and because of this more public engagement, all industries which are having ‘internet’ word in the root, are booming like never before. Online dating is also one of them.

As discussed earlier, everyone wants to get out of the dilemma of being single and to achieve that stage of life, all young people are moving towards the use of online dating application. To prove that we have to take a look at some of the statistic. India itself is having more than 41 million single and thanks to them, Indian dating companies have earned $18 million in 2018 and expected to earn $20 million by 2020. If we talk further, dating companies of USA have earned $590 million in 2018.

Now, after knowing how many possibilities do online dating applications hold if you have decided to build an application like – POF and Tinder, here’s are the some of the financial tips which will look after your worry. These tips include how you should create a business model in such a way that your company can see magnification in the revenue.

How to make money, jumping in online dating application business?

1) Membership subscription

Most popular dating apps like tinder know what to offer free and what helps them to generate revenue. So they let the users surf the 80% part of their app free, but when the user wants to dig that remaining 20% features of the application, Tinder starts asking money. To do so, tinder has introduced tinder plus and tinder gold which is having more chargeable features for the users. The same thing you can do with your application, give free ‘non fertile’ space to the user to get so much involves into your app and when he mentally starts living for your dating application, shows him the ‘fertile’ space and asks money for it. In other words, creates great relations with the customer at free of cost, that he will not hesitate to pay you for your premier services.

2) Advertising

Advertising is a great way to boost the overall revenue of the company. Letting other product to be advertised on our application is one of the business models all companies are following nowadays. A company can earn through clicks and view of visitors.

3) Enhancing user satisfaction by Minimizing the fake profile

Building a strong relationship with the users is the key factor of the success rate of any service provider company. Especially, in the dating industry, fake profiles are something that should not be there. proving a dating application with more percentage of genius users is the task of dignity for the online dating companies. To do so, there should be some kind of algorithm which is having capabilities to identify the fake profiles after understanding the photos of the users, their personal information and the activity history of the users.

After you have understood the revenue generation model, there are few more things you need to aware about to minimize the risk associated while developing the online dating application.

Things to consider while making online dating app:

1) Creates a ‘non- biased’ algorithm

The user interface of most of the online dating application provides a recommendation for a user according to their taste and their search history. To offer the best user-friendly environment to the user, there must be a rich algorithm which chooses the suitable user-profiles for a particular user as a recommendation. If the application continuously throwing random profiles at the user and user finds all that profiles non-relevant, a user will not continue to spend time on the app. So the algorithm should be well organized which knows the taste of a particular user and serves what the user wants.

2) Good ways to communicate

The philosophy of the online dating app is nothing but the communicate. Without communication, building a bridge between two people is impossible. So, in an online dating app, there should be more than one or two ways to communicate.

3) Privacy because it’s ‘Personal’

Of course, dating is the subject which must have some kind of privacy, whether it is offline traditional dating or online dating. Our dating app should have some high level of privacy features which keep all data, pictures and chat history of the users in a safe place.


After knowing the apps like POF, market trend of the online dating applications, business models of online application business, if you get a similar idea in your mind, then contact Coruscate. We have successfully completed several similar projects with high success and satisfaction rate. We are having a team sitting in an office which will help you to dig your limitless mind to get the best ideas from it. We will become the words of your thoughts because we are the team of your dream!

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