Dive Where The Market Thrives: Top Features Of On Demand Pickup & Delivery App


In an era where smartphones are smarter than it’s owner, it is not an obligation but a necessity to stand by the same. Tech enthusiast and the 21st-century entrepreneur seek opportunities to create their online presence. And on-demand solutions are the clear striker.

Whether it’s a food app or a salon or an online can, on-demand apps are trending. And this not only makes your life easier and better but lays down a pool of opportunities for all young entrepreneurs to try their hands on venturing startup.

Though their prevails plentitude of options, on-demand pickup and delivery apps are at the top. This might not be a new term for you but hang on, before we delve into the specs of creating a pickup and delivery app, let’s have a quick look at exactly this specifies.

On-Demand Delivery & Moving App – Your Door to Door Partner

On-demand pickup and delivery apps as the name voices is simply give and take relationship of resources. It could either be food, product or a furniture, the industry does not start to a particular domain.

Undeniably, the industry of Uber-like pickup and doorstep deliveries app is rising exponentially but the growth of the food industry as compared to cab services is predominantly higher.

Stating the report from PwC, As of 2014, the revenue generated by the on-demand industry has been found to be $14B but this number is expected to reach $335B by the end of 2025.

True that the on-demand solutions started with on-demand transportation services but today the market has flared like anything. So, if you are one of those tech-savvy enthusiasts and planning to vent out in on-demand solutions, it is a great opportunity for you to start out in on-demand delivery app development.

Core Features To Induce In Your On Demand App

Before having a look at the pickup and delivery app development, make sure you have explored the industry and list out the few must-have ones.

Geo – Locating + Real-Time Tracking

No matter what services you are planning to dive into, one thing you should not miss inducing a feature for real-time tracking. With respect to on-demand delivery and moving app, it is crucial to allow users to keep track of their services ordered. Right from start to the delivery of the requested service, giving users the ease to trace the same is an excellent approach to stay connected.

While customers look for on-demand solutions, time is an integral part and if they can seamlessly know the place and time of the delivery or arrival, it helps them plan their work better. Be it the expected wait time of a cab or the anticipated hours before delivery, real-time tracking gives users the key to detailed information related to their service.

In case, you are about to go live with developing a pickup and delivery app, incorporating geo-locating feature is a must.

In-App Customer Support

Several circumstances necessitate the need for a one to one communication between the service seeker and the service provider. A messaging feature within the app allows direct connectivity with the customers.

Several times, lack of communication leads to reduced traffic at the app and so keeping an option for in-app chat would keep your users satisfied and likewise boost your business.

Additionally, having the feature of in-app chat could serve as a proof of service required. Both the clients and the app users could check the chat at any point in time. So, make sure your pickup and delivery app development have an option for within app chat.

Manage Bookings – Pre Book Services

Customer satisfaction is the key to the house etch success. And so on demand apps must provide users the freedom to book services as an when required. Also, the facility to book in advance reflects user convenience.

Be it a one-day pre-book or locking a service before a month, customized services aggravate users to support and induces long-term relationship.

You can also try inducing this feature for product delivery giving an option of seamless pickup and delivery as per the convenience of the customer. So while you converse with the development team, suggest the need of advance booking feature in your pickup and delivery app.

Push Notifications

Alerts and corresponding reminders are very crucial to keep users updated. In order to stick to the most convenient form of services, incorporating features that ease the process is largely needed.

To help all users, you must have an option to push notifications to specify significant deals and pending services to the user directly.

Alerts eliminate the chances of users missing out any particular event in light of pickup and delivery. So, if you are high on ideas to develop a pickup and delivery app, do not miss out on including this feature.

Build An On-Demand Pickup & Delivery App

1. Start with fixing a domain for the delivery services.
2. Once you are ready with the blueprint, choose an explicating layout.
3. Use the drag and drop features to add your own touch.
4. Go live with publishing the app on play store.

Cost Of Pickup and Delivery App Development

As you plan to develop a pickup and delivery app, you might be concerned about the app development cost. The total cost that your pocket while you seek to start your business.

Needless to state that the cost of developing an on-demand pickup and delivery app totally relies on the manpower required, features induced, the platform (iOS/Android) for which the app is developed and hardware’s used.

Price varies from company to company but the major concern is a feature added. So you should be clear on your part as to what all features you want to introduce and then opt for development of an app.

The Last Call

So, if you are seeking the development of an excellent pickup and delivery app, hire a team of dedicated mobile app development professionals who would cater to your requirements and deliver the best possible service at a price desirable for both.

Let’s build your own app

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