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Steve and his brothers wanted to go to the newly opened amusement park in the city. On a Sunday morning, they asked their parents to take them. Steve’s father who had only one day to avoid the rush and rest told them he was in no mood to take the crowded buses or book cabs as the prices were soaring high as it was Sunday.

Steve suggested if they could go by their personal car as it would be fun to go together and enjoy the family time. His mother was convinced and wanted to go too. With the puppy dog eyes, they were all looking at Steve’s father who was in a position where he couldn’t say no. But, at the back of his mind, he knew it was a bad idea. It was impossible to find a parking space at the most crowded time.

In the modern world, the number of two wheelers and four wheelers is increasing day by day.

According to BBC news, there are more than 600 million cars in the world. In China, the market seems to be growing at a rapid rate. In the US, surface car parking takes up land around 3,459 sq miles or 8,959 km.

With the growing traffic, the parking lots take up a huge amount of space. Shopping malls, cinemas, stadiums, factories, and office complexes are suffering from a huge issue of car parking. People get stuck in unwanted spaces in search of the free parking space.

In such cases, mobile parking finder apps play the role of a lifesaver. The apps like Parkme and Parker can help the users in finding the right location for their car parking in the busiest time. Let’s discuss how these two apps work.

» Parkme:

park me mobile app development

This parking mobile app offers the largest and most accurate parking database. It has expanded to over 84000 locations in more than 64 countries. The app can compare the most available spots and save them for you every time you park. Using this app, you can also reserve a parking spot in advance by paying with your credit card. The smart app can even show you the parking spots for up to two weeks.

» Parker:

This app can help you to find the available parking spots, prices and hours for more than 24000 garages and lots. Using this app, you can even filter your parking spots according to space, payment, type and more. It has a built-in GPS navigation which can guide you to the nearest Parking spot. It runs a timer to make you stress-free about the parking tickets.

Which issues can be solved by using or developing your own parking finder mobile app?

» Location of vacant parking spots

The most important issue solved by a parking spot finder app is the location of a vacant parking spot. To find an open parking spot among so many cars parked is not a piece of cake. That too, if you have some extremely urgent business to attend to. It becomes a nuisance and cause of worry to get your car at the right parking space. A parking finder app makes it easier for the owner to locate the right spot for parking marking it right in the GPS system.

» Multi-space parking

In the multi-space parking, it becomes a huge disappointment to find a parking spot that is already occupied. And to the top, it becomes a nuisance if someone has taken more than allotted space to park their cars. Using the parking finder, the parking lot staff can inform the owner of the car to park properly. This can help in better space management and more space for others to park.

Different parking rules to be followed for each parking

You must have experienced different rules in different parking lots. These rules keep on changing by the hour or by day. In some of the parking lots, you have to pay by the day and in some others, you pay by the hour. A parking finder app can help you to know the charges and the rules of your nearby parking lots beforehand. This will make parking a lot easier for you.

Where can we use these services?

» Residential Societies:

You can use these parking finder apps in your residential societies in order to make marking easier for the residents. This app will help people to find empty locations to park their vehicles easily and avoid the usual disputes over parking spaces amongst people. You can even manage the visitor’s parking using this app.

» Huge Corporate Parks:

The parking finder app will make it possible for people to find the spaces in multi-parking areas and save precious time that is lost during finding a car parking space. This will help the employees working in the corporate houses as well as the regular visitors to book a car parking space for their car.

Stadiums, amusement parks, and other recreational spaces:

Most of the people find it difficult to enjoy going to recreational places just because they are unable to find the parking spaces. The parking finder app will make it possible for each person to enjoy these activities without having to worry about whether they will find a parking space or not.

Who can help you build the parking finder app?

So, you have finally decided about building your own parking finder app. Coruscate can help you to develop a parking finder app according to your own unique requirement. Contact us for the free consultation and we can make a difference in the system of parking.

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