A B2B Marketplace For Seamless Collaboration Between Farmers And Consumer Markets

The agriculture retail market was facing a major issue, pricing. The pricing structure was
not defined, which meant major losses. The client wanted to solve this underlying issue
by creating a proper selling and communication structure between the three main players
in the retail market- the farmers, the area admin (salesperson) and the retail markets.

We processed the requirements, studied the markets and came up with a B2B marketplace solution

The Broad Requirements

  • A system where all the three main players of the retail agriculture system can communicate, buy/sell and deliver products on time.
  • The farmer should be able to define the products they want to sell, the quantity and the price.
  • The units should be standardized, irrespective of the units added by the farmer to reduce the manual work.
  • Agents should be assigned areas and farmers by the system.

How our B2B marketplace helped reduce the confusion and improve the profits?

We devised a B2B marketplace where the area admin, the farmers and the retail markets could collaborate, and sell the farm goods. Our solution was basically a mobile app cum website that made it easy for the farmers to add the goods they want to sell, and the end consumers to pick the farm products they want to buy.

Adding Products

The mobile application allowed the farmers to add the products they want to sell, in the desired quantity and pricing.

Requirement check

Assigning area Admin

Each agent is given a defined area. They can connect with the farmers in that area, and buy products from them at the said rates. These products are then delivered to the markets at the rate the agents have defined. The markets would know the price difference and the farmers would also be aware of the prices that the agent is selling it for.

Planning and Designing

Transport Cost

The system automatically calculates the cost of the transportation of these products based on the weight and distance of the order. Along with the cost, the system also identifies the best transportation match for the products to be transferred.

Front end Development


The automation of reports makes it easy to keep a check on the orders booked for the month, the status of the orders, and real-time tracking into the delivery of the orders.

Back end Development

Conversion Algorithm

The standardization of the units was important, as the farmers added their product weight using different units. The system used to convert the units added by the farmers into standard units, as defined by the admin.

Testing and Implementation


The content was localized based on context rather than the content itself.

Requirement check


  • The losses accounted for by the system reduced majorly with this B2B marketplace.
  • The farmers and area admin could deliver orders in faster way, thus improving the conversions at the retail markets.
  • Sales improved 2x times with this solution.