What Next for Online Video Conferencing in 2021?

What Next for Online Video Conferencing in 2021?

The advent of the internet led to the adoption of remote working. Many companies had started looking for teams that could operate outside their geography, thus removing the barriers. Let’s take a look at some of the numbers that will speak volumes about the new-age workplaces.

The before pandemic numbers for people working from home was around 7Mn. This means 3.4% of the total U.S. population had been working from anywhere before the pandemic.

With the pandemic, we saw more offices adopting this approach. It is now considered to be the new normal for the companies.

If you look at job portals, there is a massive increase in the number of remote working positions. The pandemic has led to more remote opportunities as well.

One of the reasons for adopting this would be attributed to the increase in productivity levels. Yes, companies have observed a 35-40% increase in employee efficiency with remote working.

However, remote working is hardly capable if you don’t have the right tools and methodologies on-board. Online video conferencing has made reduced geographical barriers and streamlined communication. This was the next big thing for a while, with companies shifting towards producing their versions, thus closing the gaps. Each API promised to be better than the previous version.

With the cut-throat competition, it has become important for the companies offering this solution to incorporate the trends that would make it big in 2021.

Here, we will take a look at online video conferencing trends 2021 that you have to add to your solution.

#1 Evolution of the Tech Landscape

We have created the base structure for video conferencing. However, you don’t have the same experience online as you would offline. It is time to make meetings effective by offering seamlessness and bridging the gaps in the conversations happening online.

This year would see an exponential evolution in the technology being adopted to make the conferencing grand. There would be an incorporation of current tech trends to improve communication abilities.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will dominate the technology. AI will help improve object detection, improve room lighting, and track everything in the room. In case users are using the automatic camera panning, the AI will take over smart camera controls and follow everyone. As a result, what used to cause distractions in the meetings, will be wholly eliminated with this technology.

Machine Learning, on the other hand, will ensure that the speaker is active. It will mitigate the disruptions, which cause issues in online conversations. Gaining insights from the meetings and better focus are results you achieve from this tech evolution. It also helps improve engagement and transcribe audio, which can enhance meeting agendas in the future.

#2 Enhanced Meeting Productivity

We hear strong statements from the community suggesting that people who don’t adopt video conferencing shortly will be left behind in the competition. The new features that you should incorporate in your video conferencing API include transcription, video-clipping, and file-sharing/screen sharing capabilities.

When you conduct in-person meetings, you are spending time and money on travel and documentation. What can be arranged in a click does not require in-person presence!

Eventually, when you enable exclusive standards into your video conferencing solutions, you are improving productivity. People can transcribe the meetings and share what occurred with the team with a click. There goes the need to build minutes of the session (MoM). Secondly, when you can share the screen, you don’t need to prepare separate documents. You save a lot of time and energy that is spent in creating.

When your meetings become brainstorming sessions, it calls for better participation and inclusion. As a result, you will notice an increase in employee engagement levels.

#3 Better Security & Privacy

When you are creating tools for the future, you should also emphasize security and privacy within the organization. It will be adopted by the industries such as healthcare and law, where privacy plays a pivotal role.

You will need to include technologies such as secure real-time transport protocol to protect your data. It is essential to encrypt the data. Add firewalls, session border controllers, and multiple authentication levels to your video conferencing app.

Apart from this, you will need to add fraud analytics and monitoring systems. You will need to integrate the hardware and software to produce high-quality output and enhance security.

#4 Cloud Domination Continues

It is important to note that the cloud platform will continue to dominate the space of online video conferencing solutions. It induces flexibility and accessibility, which is predominant to the companies that have planned remote working.

You can even scale your online video conferencing solutions with cloud solutions, as it becomes easy and effective. When you are on the cloud, you are progressive, and it impacts your productivity too.

When you have a solution, you also need to update or maintain it regularly. Cloud takes care of your hosting while you can automate most parts of the solution.

It also impacts the engagement and effectiveness of the meeting software.


What do you think of these tech trends? They are massive, aren’t they! It is said that within the next couple of years, video and AI will help companies scale and make it bigger in the market. Whether you want to stand out amidst competition or just ensure increased productivity, you will need to incorporate current tech trends.

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