Insider Guide to Taxi Booking App Development In 2022

taxi booking application

In recent times, taxi booking applications have become the primary means of transportation after private vehicles. Whenever someone wants to take a trip around the city, they would either use their own cars or hire an on-demand taxi through an application. 

This scene is much different from what it used to be a decade ago, when public transport meant buses, metros and taxi unions. On-demand taxi has made its place differently yet managed to become one of the main modes of transport for the average citizen 

If you are looking to develop an on-demand taxi booking app, this guide is for you. Let’s explore features and strategies you can use in 2022 

General Features To Include In The Taxi Application 

(For Passengers) 

  • Sign in and on-boarding 
  • Real time GPS tracking 
  • Profile management 
  • Push notifications and alerts 
  • Driver profile and ratings 
  • Multiple payment options 
  • Reward system for loyal customers. 
  • Ride history 
  • Emergency contact during the ride 

General Features to Include in the taxi application 

(For Drivers)

  • Customer availability updates 
  • Chat/Call feature with customers 
  • View trip routes 
  • Know  taxi booking app development payment method of the customer 
  • View pick up and drop off location of the customer before accepting the ride. 
  • Emergency contact during the ride 
  • Generate daily report of trips and revenue 

How to earn money from on-demand taxi booking applications?

Commission from each ride 

Being the owner of the platform, you can charge a small commission charge from all rides taken through the platform. This will be one of the main sources of revenue for your business. Apart from a 20-30% commission. A small service fee can be charged from the users which is usually hidden in the fare calculations. 


This one can be tricky but you can partner with correct brands and put up advertisements on your application. Third-party app commercials are another way of earning revenue. 

Paid App 

It is uncommon for on-demand apps to be a paid app especially in developing countries. But, this can be one option for you to look into. If your business model can manage to make it acceptable and justified for the average user, you can earn money by creating a paid app on iOS and android platforms. 

Premium Pass 

You can create ride passes and charge for the same. Regular customers will enjoy discounts and you will get a monthly subscription fee. 

Popular on-demand taxi booking apps 


 Available on iOS and Android, this is one of the most popular on-demand taxi apps. It has integrated payment options and the option to pay through cash in a few countries like India, Philippines and Kenya. 


Based in the US and available in more than 200 cities in the United States, it is a popular choice of on-demand taxi booking in the country. 

Careem Taxi

Based in Dubai, Careem is available in 15 countries across the Middle East.


Based in India, Ola is one of the most popular on-demand taxi services. A part of its initial differentiation was made by launching a postpaid feature and allowing users to book auto rickshaws through the app, which is again a common mode of transport in India. 

How we can help you build your on-demand taxi booking app

Contact us at Coruscate for a consultation. 

We offer years of expertise and real solutions for app development and design. Together, we can collaborate on creating the best on-demand taxi booking app for your business and reach new heights. 

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