Laundry App Development: Complete Guide 2022

Laundry App Development: Complete Guide 2022

Are you collecting clothes & payments manually from your customer?

Do you have many resources for your laundry business?

• Do you know how much total revenue you do not see for implementing technology?

• Do you have feedback on your laundry services from your customers?

• Have you read a laundry startup story that builds 1b$ in this business?

If any of the above questions are related to you, this is a blog for you to read…

Let us tell you about the top 3 laundry apps in the world.

1. Delivery.com lets people choose online from their favourite laundry and dry cleaner providers. delivery.com’s estimated annual revenue is currently $76.7M per year.

2. ByNext is created by a merger between Cleanly and NextCleaners. This app offers home cleaning and clothing care options. It is very popular in some cities such as New York City, Brooklyn, and Washington, D.C.

3. Reese’s customers are on a specified “route” and receive free delivery on their designated day. If customers are in a rush and they want service within 24 hours, then Rinse gives them this service for an additional 5$.

These apps are doing well in the market. You might want to know what is the future of this online laundry service industry, then have a look at some of the stats.

The Indian laundry industry was valued at $ 35.82 billion in FY2020. (source) 

In 2016, the market size of online on-demand laundry services was nearly 9.6 Billion US Dollars which is expected to reach around 96 Billion US Dollars by 2024. (source)

We are one of the best mobile app development companies for laundry apps, and we would love to share some of the case studies with you. Please contact us for the same!

By the time you contact us, let us share some of the interesting and 

Top features of an On-Demand Laundry App

Customer Panel PickUp/Delivery Panel Laundry Owner Panel Admin Panel
User Registration Agent Registration Laundry Service Details Dashboard
Nearby Search Manage Order Requests Accept/Decline Requests Manage Customers
Schedule PickUp and Delivery Time Integrated GPS System Service Options Manage Delivery Agents
Push Notifications Ride History Access Track Drivers Manage Laundry owners.
In-app Chat Manage Profile Laundry Charges View and Track Orders
Live Tracking Total Earnings Total Earnings Manage Commission & Earnings
Online Payment Options Reviews & Ratings Reviews & Ratings Analytics & Management

We found the above features from these 3 apps we installed on our devices and it has been reviewed by our technical team.

1. Delivery.com

2. Rinse

3. ByNext

Okay so we understand that you might have so many questions to ask right now. We will provide answers to all your questions. 

For better understanding, have a look at our

5-Step Guide On Developing Your Own Laundry App

Before getting into the whole development process, you must have an idea about what stages the whole process would go through and need to have a basic understanding of it. So here is your definitive guide for on-demand laundry app development.

1. Road Mapping

The first step for starting any development process, you need to create a roadmap through it and determine development strategies. Decide the strategies such as

• Company Strategy

• Product Strategy

• Designing Strategy

• Development Strategy

• Testing Strategy

• Marketing Strategy

2. Wireframing & Designing

State your requirements to the app development team and guide them through the idea of the user experience you want to create in the app. 

Finalise the wireframe for every screen and then start designing the app.

Designing should enable the integration of all features smoothly and can generate a great user experience.

3. Development

Hire the developer team for your on-demand laundry app development.

The developer team will understand your requirements and then will choose the appropriate tech stack for your laundry app development.

The Development team will start developing modules then and will pass them to the testing team.

4. Testing

The QA team will start testing the modules that are received from the developers. 

Perform different testing techniques on these modules separately.

Then Test the integrity of your laundry app and check its performance. 

5. Launching

Before launching your laundry app, deploy it on your local server.

Then Launch on the different app stores according to your preferences. 

Now your On-demand Laundry App is available to the users.

How much does it cost to develop an on-demand laundry app?

If you are wondering how much is worth spending on app development for your business, 

Once we know about your requirements about what exactly you want in your laundry app, we will help with the exact cost estimation. 

We respect the privacy and security of your ideas and information. You can share and discuss your app idea with us without any concern as we will sign an NDA agreement with you.

You can also choose to hire dedicated developers on an hourly basis. 

To know more about this you can read our dedicated blog about App Development Cost in 2022


How and Where to Start? 

Hiring the correct app development company is very important because we understand how much effort, time and money you put into it.  

Coruscate is one of the leading on-demand app development companies. We have created 200+ robust software.

We can turn this app idea into a great opportunity for your Laundry Service to grow your business. As we have the best and most well-experienced team of designers, developers and QA Engineers to deliver a successful on-demand laundry app for you. We will implement technology with the most innovative approach

You can refer to our case studies here to know more. 

Coruscate has never failed to deliver smart and effective mobile applications. We can turn this app idea into a great opportunity for your Laundry Service to grow your business.


Let’s build your own app

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