On-demand grocery application development: In the light of the coronavirus outbreak

The novel coronavirus is spreading at an alarming rate. According to the World Health Organization, the number of infected people has crossed over 600000. To minimize their spread, governments have put cities or countries at lockdown. This has affected almost every sector of the economy. However, an on-demand application development industry has seen an upsurge in demand. The downloads of grocery delivery applications have increased by more than 100% after February 2020.

How can on-demand grocery app helps during covid-19:

  • Doorstep delivery with no-contact policy:

Certainly people need day-to-day essentials but without evading outbreak. By taking precautions like sanitizing their hands frequently, avoid direct contact with any person, compulsory in-app payment will help delivery executives and customers to minimize the risk of getting infected.

  • Inventory management:

Stock in many shops is getting empty shortly after they filled. However, with an app you can keep an eye of the stock and get notified when it is about to run out.

  • Push notification:

Through this feature you can keep your customers updated about the product availability, delivery updates.

  • Timely and detailed sales report:

This feature helps to understand the existing trend in shopping and anticipate the demands of the customer.

Features of the app:

Features of the application should be comfortable with both customer and vendor. For that it is better to understand their problem first and then decide accordingly. Below are the features that might help you to solve any problem.

Admin panel features:

  • Store management
  • Order management
  • Product management
  • Add/edit/delete the store or user
  • Invoice history
  • In-app messaging 

User panel features:

  • Register/Login
  • Profile
  • Search nearby stores
  • Cart and wishlist
  • Track order 
  • In-app payment gateway
  • Push notification
  • Invoice history
  • Review and rate
  • In-app messaging 

Delivering panel features:

  • Register/Login
  • Profile
  • Accept or reject order request
  • Set opening and closing hours
  • Track order
  • Push notification
  • Transaction history
  • Rate and review
  • In-app messaging

What is after covid-19?

Coronavirus outbreak made us realize the importance of grocery supply-chain and online applications for that to sustain human beings. Certainly, this practice will go on because of the tendency of us to make a habit of comfort in this fast life. Of course with the user data, retailers can plan their strategies and can grow their business by updating the app accordingly simultaneously helping people. On-demand application development has so much potential in the market, it’s just for you to jump in takes time. 

Cost of On-demand grocery application development:

The cost of on-demand grocery application development varies according to the business model, type of application, number and complexity of features, functionality, payment gateway and developer cost. So it is hard to give the number but it can vary between $10000 to $50000 considering the simple design of the app.

Summing up:

Looking at the condition around us, the benefits of developing an on-demand grocery delivery application seem more relevant than ever. If you are also looking for the developing company for your grocery delivery application, then your wait is over now.

A basic chart for P2P payments app development cost is as follows:

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