The rise of the online market: Giving you all the reasons to develop an online Grocery App-like InstaCart

InstaCart an Online Grocery App founded in the year 2012, by Apoorva Mehta has seen tremendous growth during the situation of COVID – 19 Pandemic, with increasing their sale up to 500%, and has secured $13.7 billion in a funding round recently. The company holds a net worth of about $1.2 billion after the Pandemic.

The COVID – 19 Pandemic has also contributed to making InstaCart’s shares higher up to 55% during the third week of May 2020 with up to 30 per cent during the month of February. 

InstaCart has been benefiting its partnerships as they hired more than 300,000 new shoppers in March and tends to hire more people over time to let people avail same-day delivery.

Let’s take a brief understanding of how InstaCart works, and how it has become a part of 85% of U.S. Households.

Develop an on-demand grocery app like InstaCart- an App ahead of Wallmart in the U.S. Market. 

During the situation of COVID – 19 pandemic, where the world faced a global lockdown and tremendous difficulties, InstaCart came out to be a blessing in disguise. An Online Grocery App, where you can order all the necessary groceries, and get them delivered at your doorstep the very same day with 100% hygiene and safety measurement. The company announced two new features called Fast and Flexible and Order ahead back in April. The company has surged under the pandemic, where millions of people couldn’t step out of their houses. 

The pandemic has completely changed the way people look at the online market and their buying pattern. People now prefer to sit in their houses and order online to avoid any kind of difficulties, rather than stepping out in danger. InstaCart offers a yearly subscription, where user can avail free delivery service for an entire year, which is one of the great sources of revenue for the company. 

Let’s take a look at how developing such an app can be a boom for your on-demand grocery delivery company.

  • With the change in the market pattern since the past few decades, the demand for online services has been increasing at a large scale because people tend to prefer comfort over anything else.
  • Make an offer your customers cannot refuse, by offering them discounts and coupons, compelling them to buy products online.
  • Post the COVID – 19 Pandemic, the world will function in a different way, where hygiene would be prioritised above everything else, and building an app in such times can be a great business opportunity.
  • The necessity for on-demand services has come into existence with changing times, creating a larger market for online services, where the customers can avail anything on their fingertips. 

Factors to keep in mind while building an on-demand grocery app in recent times:

  • Quality Check: The product packaging should be sanitised, all the products being sent to the customers should be stored at clean and well-maintained premises.
  • Ease in Payments: There should be various payment options available, such as PayPal, Credit/Debit cards, Net Banking, Google Pay and other UPI apps instead of restricting it to only certain methods.
  • Availability of Stock: The stock should be restored frequently to avoid any kind of disappointments to the customers when their desired products are not available.
  • Wide range of products: The app should have all the products available online that are found at the supermarkets and retail stores. Offering a wide range of products to customers can compel them to explore and buy more products.

The Pandemic has proved to be a game-changer in the market, where apps like InstaCart have expanded their services according to the necessities of the customers. InstaCart also started the delivery of prescribed medications since April from nearly 200 Costco companies, with a plan to expand it up to 500 Costo Locations. The company also came up with the idea of delivering alcoholic beverages as per the requests of the customers.

InstaCart is one of the gigantic companies now, with the CEO Apoorva Mehta entering the Billionaire’s Club. According to Forbes, Mehta owns a 10% stake making him the newest member of three comma club. 

Summing it Up

There is always room for new and innovative ideas in the changing times, and the rise in the number of customers every day.

We at Coruscate analyse requirements of our customers and market and put into practice the ideas that are profit and market-oriented. We study the market needs and change in trends and assist out partners with solution-oriented proposals. Get in touch with us for a capable on-demand grocery delivery app development solution to your grocery startup ideas.

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