HungryPanda, On demand Food Delivery App, Raised $20Mn in Funding. Here’s What You Can Learn from Them to Develop your Food Delivery App

Food delivery app raised $20m in funding

HungryPanda, a food delivery service specifically targeted towards Chinese communities located globally, received $20Mn in funding. The company has plans of using all the funds in hiring, product development and global expansion.

Some Facts About the Company


  • The company was created with a difference in food delivery service. While most food delivery services targeted anyone with the interest of availing them HungryPanda was targeting a specific community.
  • The platform has customized the platform for the Chinese language users alone. They were targeting people and business communities interested in ordering Chinese food and groceries and who belonged to the community.
  • Along with the first generation locals, they have also targeted the second generation migrants and other Chinese speaking people.
  • With this niche, they have managed to target a good amount of people, and have widened their reach as desired.
  • They have also implemented in-app payment methods such as Alipay and WeChat pay.
  • They have profitable ventures in UK and New York City, and are all set to expand their reach and network.

In the era dominated by on-demand economy, it has become important for your business to carve the niche that HungryPanda has defined for itself.

The online food delivery market will be a $200Bn segment by 2025.

Revenue in the Online Food Delivery segment amounts to US$122,739m in 2020.

Since 2014, digital ordering has grown by 300%. In a span of seven years from 2011, the total percentage of online orders has tripled, from 22% to 68%.

These statistics and the food companies fighting in this niche prove that it is going to be difficult and will require hard work to carve a niche and differentiate yourself.

When you think of on-demand food delivery services, you need to think through the features that will spice them up and make them tasty enough for the customers to choose.

Unique Features to Spice Up your App


#1 Scheduling the Order


Creating your cart, filling it with the right dishes and then ordering those dishes should be convenient. You should not make your users go through a massive learning to place their order.

Intuitive designs can help create the carts with ease, and allow the users to order their food fast.

So, keep the menu easy to access, add a little drop-down that can take the users to the part of the menu they are interested in, and making adding the items easy. In some cases, you can even recommend food that accompany with the user’s order so that they can add the item fast, and need not think extensively on what to order.

You can even offer customizations to the order to improve their experience. If you want, add some “no charge cancellation” to the menu, making it an experiential conversion for them.

#2 Alerts and Notifications


Every single moment from the order to the acceptance to the payments made should be sent via alerts in real-time. this will increase the engagement of the user with your app, and increase their time spent.

You can even tell the user if the delivery executive has picked up the order or have they reached the place. This kind of real-time updates will help the user keep track of their order.

Apart from the order related messages, you can send alerts related to the latest happening in your app, which includes seasonal discounts, changes in the interface and other relevant updates. The more you inform the user, the more engagement you will experience.

#3 Real-time Tracking


Once the food is picked up from the restaurant, the user should be able to track the movement of the delivery executive. This will help them know when to expect the delivery executive at their gate. You can also include the movement of the delivery executive to the restaurant in the GPS tracking system. This option allows the user to track the process, and know every detail in real-time. in case the user is out, they will know exactly how soon they have to reach home to be able to receive the order. It saves a lot of their time.

#4 In-app Payments


The user should be able to pay for the food during the order placement via the app. This increases the convenience, and they don’t need to keep tab of the payment when they receive the order. Most of you wont have the required cash but, you might be able to pay via your cards or wallet. That’s why in-app payment is an important and necessary feature to add to your on demand food delivery app.

#5 Reviews and Ratings


Why is this part of the must-have feature list? For one, you may be able to help another person know whether the app is worth investing in, and whether the restaurant food is good or not. Apart from this, you will also know how good the delivery executive is in the job. The delivery executives are also paid incentives for the reviews and ratings they receive.

This is an important feature as it helps improve the app and its features.

Why Collaborate with Coruscate?


If you are planning on a food delivery app development, then it is time for you to collaborate with Coruscate to achieve the right approach and profitable app solution.

A basic chart for P2P payments app development cost is as follows:

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  • We don’t just deliver an app solution based on our understanding of your needs. we set your business from the scratch and help you manage the market for food delivery app solutions. We even help you get access to investors and move your way up with funding. We identify the right growth hacks for you.

Get ready to move up the ladder with your on-demand food delivery app the Coruscate way.

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