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On-demand food delivery apps are evolving with the needs of consumers. Convenience is the main reason for the customers to order food online. People want to have a food choice right on their smartphone screens. They wish to have a way to order food which can save their time and offers them choices from a variety of restaurants. To tackle this growing need, you need an app that will enhance experiences and boost engagements.

Tech-savvy caterers, food enthusiasts and logistics experts who want to make the perfect recipe for a successful on-demand food delivery business can be benefited by our reliable IT infrastructure and solutions.


Market Analysis

Global Trends

  • According to a report in Statista, the revenue in the Online food delivery segment amounts to the US $94,385 million in 2019.
  • The global revenue from on-demand food delivery industry is expected to reach $134,490 million by 2023.
  • The largest segment of the market is Kitchen-to-Consumer delivery with a volume of $58,008 million in 2019.
  • Compared to every other country, most revenue of the food delivery sector is generated in China $39, 369 million in the year 2019.

Here is a image showing the top 10 most valued food delivery companies:


Following image shows how much top food delivery companies have raised in their VC round.

And lastly, let’s check out what is their price per share.


Scope and Growth of Food Delivery Apps

The UK

In Britain, takeaways have been a popular form of dining. It is considered as a leisure occasion when people order a pizza or Chinese food or anything else from a takeaway outlet. According to a report, UK households spend an average of five pounds per person every week on ordering food. In 2016, the collectively spent amount was 10 billion British pounds.

However, with the emergence of online orders, the market is experiencing a new trend. The delivery food market was estimated to be 6.2 billion pounds in the year 2017.

The online food delivery platforms- Just Eat and Deliveries are the two major players in the UK market. They have the same way of functioning. They connect the restaurants to the customers providing an option of either pickup or delivery at home.

Just Eat has processed over 100 million orders in the year 2017 in the UK and in 2019, it ranks second in the top charts after Uber Eats.

Requirement check

The US

In the US, DoorDash, Postmates, UberEats, and GrubHub are the most popular apps in the food and drink category. The top ranking apps as per Similar web’s report are as follows:

Planning and Designing


Zomato and Swiggy are top ranking apps in India which have expanded their branches all around the world. These apps are must to consider while you build your own food delivery app. The top charts of apps in India as per Similar web’s report are as follows:

Front end Development

The Business model of just Eat for your Reference

Just Eat has a multi-sided business model. There are two interdependent customer segments that are both needed for the operations.

  1. The Customers : People who will be availing the food delivery service from the local restaurants.
  2. Restaurants : The local food service venues that offer food delivery and wish to increase their customers via innovative methods.

Value Concept

Just Eat has three main things to offer its customers: convenience, performance, and customization.


The company offers convenience by first looking for all the restaurants within a given location for takeout options. They make sure that the customers do not spend too much time searching multiple websites. The company makes food delivery service easier as they provide reviews and rankings for a particular restaurant while the customer places an order. The app allows customers to make hassle-free online payment through credit cards or mobile wallets.

The company offers strong performance and has invested heavily in technology. This has resulted in a robust and scalable platform that does not slow down in peak demand intervals.


The company also enables customization and the consumers have choices if they want to pick up their order or to get it delivered. Also, they provide various payment options including online and cash.

Another important thing that Just Eat offers its customers is risk-free transactions. It offers a money-back guarantee if the restaurants do not recoup their sign-up fee on order. Also, the company offers a value proposition for the customers and the restaurant owners in the form of its brand. The app has more than 13 million active users for the app and it is a market leader in more than 12 of its 15 working countries. It is also included in the list of the UK’s fast 50 which includes fastest-growing tech firms in the country.

Scope of On-Demand Delivery Apps like Postmates

As per the report in Techcrunch, Postmates has reached 70% of the US household and it claims to complete 5 million deliveries per month. The company has planned to use drones to deliver food by the year 2021.

DoorDash is a competitor of the Postmates app and ranks first in the food and drinks category in the US. The company is growing at cutthroat speed of 325 % year after year.

This shows there is a huge scope for the startups and the old delivery companies as well to upgrade their technologies.


Two models to consider while building your own Food Delivery App

If you plan to have your own on-demand food delivery startup, here are two major solutions that you can offer.

Aggregator Model

This type of application is a platform to manage the restaurants and the customers that are in a similar vicinity. The customer can use the app to browse through the available cuisines and restaurants. In the aggregator model, you can place the order after checking the reviews and ratings, etc. however, once the order is placed, the aggregator’s job is done. It is now the restaurant’s duty to deliver the food to your home.

Requirement check

Food Delivery With Logistics

This is the second type of solution that you can offer to your customers. This is the category in which Uber Eats and other apps similar to it fall into. This is the most profitable business model for small-scale restaurants and food joints, which gain visibility and are more accessible for the customers. The app will take care of food orders, and will also ensure safe and proper delivery at your place. Such apps have hired delivery personnel for the same. From logistics management to actual food delivery, the app manages everything.

Planning and Designing

Features of On-Demand Food Delivery App

Customer Module:



The registration/login page is essential and should be kept easy to fill. The signup via email or facebook can be helpful to make the task simpler for your customers.


Vast choices of Restaurants

The apps provide a variety of restaurants to choose from. The customers do not need to check out different apps for food choices.


Order your Food

Get to the online ordering segment, and order the food of your choice. You can add or customize your food options


Restaurant Finder

Whether you are in a new city or want to check out a new restaurant that serves something different, the restaurant finder will help you with your choice


Trusted Reviews

Want to know how good this restaurant is, and what kind of food you should order there, get to the trusted reviews section


Easy Payments

With the integration of different payment systems, you can easily checkout the food online, and wait for the delivery



This feature allows you to track the delivery from the pickup to the drop at your place.


Share your Experience

You can enter your reviews and share your experience with others with the feedback



Check out what’s on the menu and know the price of the food at the restaurant.

Restaurant Module:


Check Orders

The dashboard with its simple interface allows you to check the number of orders that you have received.


Easy Payments

You can easily check the amount you have earned from the app orders, and what are the different payment modes



Check your ratings, and reviews and communicate with your customer with ease through the feedback section


List your Restaurant

Adding your restaurant to the app list will help you get better traction and improve your visibility


Accept the Order

You have the ability to accept/reject the order placed. In case, you have insufficient resources to complete the work, you can reject the order


Food Delivery App Development Cost

We, at Coruscate, have developed a platform named Vahak which avails us to develop on-demand food delivery app within 45-55 business days and under $10000, whereas a high-end food delivery app may cost you more than $20,000. Our teams of designers and developers are highly trained and deliver the next-gen mobile app which satisfies your all financial goals. We also assist you to craft a profitable business model. So, feel free to ask for a demo and a free consultation.

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