On-demand App Development: Cost-effective and prompt alternative of clone app and custom-built app development approaches

custom-app vs clone-app

Deciding whether you should go for clone app or custom-built app for your on-demand app development project, will surely make you scratch your head. But after reading this blog, you will be able to decide which approach justifies your needs in the most possible way.

In this blog, you will get to know,

  • What is the clone app?

» Advantages and disadvantages of clone app.

  • What is the custom-built app?

» Advantages and disadvantages of the custom-built app.

  • What is the best approach to develop an on-demand app?
What is the app cloning?

App cloning is nothing but the freshening a similar app which is already available on Google PlayStore and Apple app store. On-demand app development companies can clone the apps in two ways. They either use app cloning software or reconstruct the app from scratch with common and fewest features like login, registration, reviews, and navigation. Clone apps of many popular on-demand apps like Uber, Uber Eats, Just Eat are available in the market at a very tolerable price.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a clone app?

Cloning an app is undoubtedly not a genius way to kick off the on-demand business. However, in recent years, many entrepreneurs and on-demand app development companies have compromised the quality of mobile applications for the sake of earning money quickly. Yes, you heard it right. Clone app helps you to earn money quickly by investing a little. How? Let’s find out.

Unlike a custom-built app, clone app can be developed in a few days as it eliminates all major phases like planning, analysis, design, implementation, and testing from the app development life cycle. Thus you can quickly launch an app and start earning money.

Since on-demand app development companies shouldn’t need exceptional knowledge to develop a clone app, they charge you a little. So, you can save a lot of money if you decide to go for app cloning.

Now, let’s discuss the disadvantages of app cloning.

To survive in a competitive market, your app should have extra features than your nearest competitors which you can achieve via app customization. But if you go for a clone app, you cannot able to customize the app according to the geographic factors and users’ needs.

In recent years, many cases of mobile app copyright infringement have been reported. An android game developer company Glu recently sued another game developer company named Hothead Games for copying a few features of their most popular game Deer Hunter 2018. So, an idea to develop a clone app can trouble you legally.

If you go for a clone app, you will not get features like data analytics, AI and machine learning in the admin panel. These features identify trends, patterns, and relationships from the large data set. So, without these features, you will not take any strategic business decisions.

Here, it is worth to mention that the initial cost of acquiring a clone app is very low. But if we talk about the long-term cost, then it is very high.

What is the custom-built app?

A custom-built app is nothing but the mobile app which is developed uniquely after understanding all requirements. A custom-built app fits perfectly for your requirements and users’ needs. If you choose the custom-built app development approach, You can ask on-demand app development company to accommodate all features which you wish to add in the app. Moreover, a custom-built application seems less attractive to hackers as it requires a lot of effort and time to know how to breach the network and system of the custom-built app.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the custom-built app?

All successful apps are custom-built apps. The custom-built apps are more secure and easy to customize. An on-demand app development company can accommodate all important features like data analysis, AI and machine learning in the admin panel of the custom-built app. Additionally, a custom-built app is more scalable to handle multiple activities at a single time.

Howbeit, custom-built app development approach owns two very critical drawbacks. These are high development cost and prolonged app development phase. These drawbacks of custom-built app development approach are so significant that it can break or make your business model. But we have a solution to overcome the limitations of both app development approaches.

What is the best approach to develop an on-demand app?

Considering the fact that app cloning and custom-built app development approaches have their own limitations, it is an urgency to find a way to develop a custom-built app which is cost-effective and can be developed almost as quickly as clone app.

A team of skilled developers has found out the way to overcome limitations of both approaches by documenting and building a hybrid solution at Coruscate. We have developed a platform which allows us to develop a custom-built app in budget and within 45-55 business days. Our platform which is named Vahak has inbuilt libraries to add all custom-built-app-like features, like more security, higher scalability, data analysis, AI, machine learning and business intelligence without spending more time. Our platform caters a great capability to customize the app according to your needs.

Following are the images of the admin panel of Vahak platform which we have developed for on-demand app development solution. From the images, you can clearly see how resourceful and extensive admin panel we can develop using our Vahak platform.

(Real-time heat map allows you to know demand in different locations.)

image 11

(Managing different on-demand services is easy)

( You can know all details of requests for on-demand services on a single page)

We, at Coruscate, custom-built app with benefits of clone, i.e. quick and cost effective. But looking at the market scenario, we recommend you to go for a custom-built app. Our teams of developers and designers will work precisely on your on-demand app development project and deliver one of the best apps. As stated, we deliver the app within 45-55 business days. As if this is not enough, our personalized pricing module will surely save a few bucks. So, feel free to ask for a free consultation.

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