Node.js: Why it is Favorite Framework for Enterprise Web Application Development?


A lot has been written and spoken about Node.js, the technology that has reinvented web application development, with reusability and other benefits. The Node.js framework allows you to develop ace applications and helps you go to the market at the earliest.

What is so special about Node.js that makes it one of the most used frameworks? Let’s go through the benefits and importance of the framework.

An Insight into Node.js Framework

The first notable characteristic of Node.js is the fact that it is an open-source and cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment. It runs on a V8 engine and helps with developing server-side applications. You can use the technology to run applications on all platforms including Windows, Linux, and OS X. As a result of the V8 machine, the codes are compiled in the runtime environment with greater agility.

Here we will further discuss the advantages of working with Node.js:

  • Event Loop: The main advantage of using JavaScript-based Node.js is the event loop. What is this and how does it help you with high-performance application development? The event loop is basically a single thread, which allows easy execution of the I/O operations. In the past, the I/O operations would run synchronously or asynchronously using parallel threads, which led to higher consumption of the memory. With Node.js, an asynchronous task is sent to the event loop with a callback function, and this loop tends to execute the program. Once the event is completed, the loop returns to the task and executes the callback. The framework registers with the operating system to get notified whenever a connection is made. The scalability of this feature allows you to handle the number of event loops simultaneously
  • Asynchronous I/O: There are a lot of common tasks related to web development, and it is important to automate their execution. This is possible as a result of asynchronous I/O, which is why it has been listed as one of the advantages. The framework can read/write streams to the WebSockets as well as HTTP. Basically, reading/writing to network connections, filesystems and databases is as easy with Node.js and helps with the faster execution of the code. This is why Node.js is majorly used by large companies with large volumes of data.
  • The NPM Package Manager: Why is this an advantage, you may ask? For starters, the package manager is highly reliable and pretty fast in its work. When it comes to specifying the project dependencies as well as installing them, this package manager happens to be your best friend. The project dependencies are not really involved within the package manager, thus preventing the version conflict possibility.
  • Fulfills the Real-time Multi-user Needs: When you are developing a web application, you need to cater to the real-time and multi-user needs posed by the enterprises. The WebSocket protocols can be used in order to include the multi-user requirements posed by applications, specifically the gaming applications. The web sockets can also improve the speed of communication, and ensure proper and immediate two-way communication.

Top Enterprises that Vouch for Node.js


  • Netflix: One of the most popular applications in modern times, Netflix uses Node.js to process its data and stream the video content. The main reason why Netflix opted for Node.js is the number of unique packages it creates with every push cycle, which causes issues such as conditional dependencies and app scalability. The lightweight of the framework allowed the company to reduce over 70% in their startup time.
  • Trello: The project management tool required a framework that would assist with the immediate update of the new work that required the application to hold new connections. This framework comes with an excellent prototyping tool along with the event-driven non-blocking server solution, which not only helps with real-time updates but also improves your speed of devising prototypes.
  • Paypal: With Node.js, the company was able to build the frontend and backend for the application simultaneously, and unify the programs to build a classic and secure payment gateway. They were able to understand the problems for both ends, and derive absolute solutions.
  • LinkedIn: The startup time posed a problem to the application, which allowed you to network with some of the big companies. By adopting Node.js at an early stage, they not only reduced the startup time effectively but also managed to accelerate the development speed.
  • Walmart: Introducing new and sophisticated features is easier with Node.js by your side. The asynchronous I/O and single-threaded event loop help in managing the multiple requests efficiently.
  • Uber: Uber is scaling and expanding. There is an Uber for everything, is what we can say in today’s time. considering the level of customers, the company handles, and the load it bears, it is important they have a framework that can properly execute its real-time and load requirements. With Node.js the company has skillfully scaled their abilities and app structure.

Our Unique Portfolio

Coruscate has been working with Node.js for a while now and has capably executed quite a number of applications in the process. For every difficult problem, we have come up with unique and differentiated solutions. Here’s a peek into our work that should tell you about our expertise.

  1. Travel Industry Solution: Catterfly is an application based on Node.js that was specifically designed to help the company offer personalized solutions and good holiday experience. The solution designed included a pictoguide, offline sync, and a personal coach or counselor.
    The startup time and real-time updates were mandatory for the application as well as the scalability and other factors. The only possible solution was developing the application using the MEAN Stack.
  2. CRM Solution: In an attempt to develop a CRM solution for the jewelry company, we developed an application using Node.js. With MEAN stack, we were able to induce real-time communication, and offer the customized solution for tracking conversations, emails and discussions, keeping them in a single location.
  3. Loan Processing Solution: The Node.js based application we derived helped with easy loan processing and making it hassle-free.The complexity of the algorithm was processed and accelerated with a MEAN stack.

Summing up


Node.js is an excellent framework for accelerated application development. We have devised unique solutions for all complex problems. We have been working on making the framework efficient and useful for almost all applications that require real-time, server-side development.

If you want an application developed for your business, Get in touch with the expert node.js developers by filling up the inquiry form with the details. We will identify how to best utilize the MEAN stack for your requirements.

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