How Node.JS Development Created A Win-Win Situation For Fortune Companies Into Their Business App?


The mystery behind most big companies are scaling and is developing in the US as well as globally is their adopting the Nodejs.apps to provide seamless services. Node.js development is used to create and maintain web applications in the most efficient way ever.

If you are worried about which technology to be used into your business app, then you should consider custom app development with Node.js. Many companies in the United States are embracing the advantages of integration of Node.js in their business application development.

Here we present a group of best companies who have availed with integrated Node.js apps. Before moving straight into the examples of big companies using Node.js in their business apps, Here’s a short introduction about Node.js technology.

All About Node.Js

Node.JS is an open-sourced server-side runtime domain which is built on Javascript V8 engine by Google Chrome. To clarify, Node.js is a suitable domain to produce an efficient and a scalable web application. Further with Node.js front-end developers can immediately work on the web browser.

List of big companies who profited by using Node.JS in their business applications:

How Paypal Benefited Using Node.JS?


How Paypal Benefited Using Node.JS?

PayPal is a popular online payments portal that uses Node.js in its website application. The company had problems in operating in the field as their team had to work separately for different server-side applications and browser.

Choosing Node.js decreased the average time of response by 35%

Page serving extended up to 200ms

With Node.js, Paypal could develop the application with 30% fewer codes and 40% fewer lines.

How Linkedin Benefited Using Node.Js?



LinkedIn is a business and employment-oriented platform that runs via website and mobile app. Microsoft acquired LinkedIn in the year 2016, and to mentioned that LinkedIn uses Node.js.

With node.js, LinkedIn’s mobile server team could leverage their skills in JavaScript.

Choosing node.js, the performance was enhanced with a reduction in memory and improved to run faster.

Mobile app developers leveraged their skills in JavaScript.


Linkedin Front-end and Back-end team converted to one section for their Node.js integrated app.

Their server count got dropped from 30 to 3, generating enough space for maximum resource usage.

How Netflix Benefited Using Node.JS?



No big surprise that you are not aware of Netflix, a media service provider of the world’s biggest video streaming services. Netflix took help of Node.js to reduce the development time and also customize the user interface. Including JavaScript run time environment they offer unparallel service.

How Walmart Benefited Using Node.JS?


Walmart is a multinational retail company that runs a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores, and grocery stores. The brand had to suffer the data leakage for 6 months and then chose to adopt Node.js in their applications.

Walmart app now secured and also provides a better UI for users. With the integration of Node.js, the retail company makes use of its instead of the conventional APIs.

Node.js integration allowed the eBay to use the SmartOS.

With Node.js Walmart can use NPM packages and specific plug-ins.

With the help of Node.js Walmart can get exact feedback from the client.

How Uber Benefited Using Node.JS?


Uber is growing and evolving faster in peer-to-peer ridesharing, taxi cab, bicycle-sharing, food delivery and transportation network. To Uber, Node.js helped them in cost-cutting in app development. Their Node.js integrated app is functioning great with unique data processing.

js added the forces to the app: good potential for data processing, better program review and instant spotting of flaws.

Continuous growth


With Node.js integrated app, you can design, publish and use new codes without starting from the origin.

How eBay Benefited Using Node.Js?


» eBay is a multinational e-commerce company that helps consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer selling through its e-commerce website and app.

» With Node.js the whole deployment setup grew faster and simpler.

» They had two big project requirements. Firstly, the application must be real-time and another was to organize specific services which show data on a page.

» With a large audience, eBay required a simple, fast and a solid app, and with Node.js it has become absolutely possible.

» Single threading was permitted by Node.js

» Made it happen to manage I/O bound process, scalability, and excellent performance.

Why Should You Leverage Node.JS For Business Applications?


Below are a couple of benefits to choose node.js for business application development.

Benefits of Node.Js:


» JavaScript Everywhere: It allows developers to use JavaScript for the backend.

» The Node Js Packet Manager: More than 500 modules added and can be accessed using NPM CLI Tool.

» Speed and Efficiency: V8 engines companies js directly into native machine code which improves speed.

» Request Handling: It manages multiple connections by operating on a single thread, performing I/O in an “asynchronous”, “non-blocking manner”.

» Node.Js Enables Microservice Architecture: By leveraging microservices, product companies can easily reuse components, improve fault isolation and make a development faster.

» Node.Js for IOT: More than 90% of companies prefer node.js for development. To handle interconnected devices such as sensors, transmitters and beacons that have an affinity to create a number of data transactions, Node.js is a good fit. This is because, Node.js runs with streams, readable and writable channels.



It is said that 98% of Fortune companies have moved to node.js and use this technology regularly in order to enhance the performance, scalability and productivity of their apps. Coruscate has been developing robust solutions using node.js for the complex cases faced by the business.

If you want to enhance your business processes efficiency or even overall performance of your systems, hire node.js developer and we ensure optimized and scalable systems. Connect with us if you have any query regarding node.js app.

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