Why Your Restaurant Need Compelling Mobile App? Useful Features to Include in Restaurant App and Online Food Delivery Service


There are a number of valid reasons that restaurants, small cafes need a useful mobile app to stay ahead in the market. Increasing the on-demand foodservice market, it is important to have your own a mobile app and which leads to a strong brand presence.

The fact is 60% of local searches come from mobile devices and that can convert into buying customers. You must have seen a lot of time that people are being spent on mobile phones, and of that time most of it is being spent in mobile apps, chatting apps.

Important Reasons Why your Restaurant is in need of a Mobile App?

The advantages of building your own mobile app for the restaurant can turn into better sales and brand awareness. here are the top reasons a mobile app can improve a business in your restaurant.

Chance to reach your Customer Locally:


if you decide to use GPS coupons (user check-in in your app and get rewards for visiting) or iBeacon technology a specific device will get geolocation of your app’s users and quickly send trigger notifications to stop on by.

Quick User Experience:


When a customer is looking for a restaurant to eat or order food delivery, you want to give the most simple way for them to achieve order. Certainly, a restaurant mobile application is the best medium for that.

Mobile as a Lead Generation Channel:


Ordering food on mobile is a complete lead generation medium, and you can develop a full mobile marketing strategy around it to involve more customers and sustain their faith. Once they understand the app functions they can order from you, and they will do it much more often. A customer can see your menu, choose a delivery time as per their need.

Essential Restaurant Mobile App Features


If you’ve properly chosen to invest in a mobile application for a restaurant, the next big decision is to determine on is what features to include in it? We’ve collected a list of the most important features every restaurant app needs to have to be appreciated by the customers.

Food Delivery Feature


Today, many restaurant services with food delivery features become the right option for restaurant businesses. And while it may not be the primary feature to include in a new app, it’s still a proposed direction for restaurant services.

Navigation Menu and Search Option in App


The first requirement of any online food delivery service platform is to manage, curate and present the right data like restaurants, address, menu, meals, etc. For example, GrubHub has applied its semi-public API that handles information from the database. They have a database of a lot of restaurants.

Push notifications and Alerts


Your mobile app will be successful if you use it in an advanced and well manner. But, if you overuse it then push notifications can irritate the users resulting in loss sooner or later.

Push notifications should be handled carefully. Sending an alert in the improper time is never a good idea. Rather, you can ask your customers about the medium in which they require to be notified via push notification, email or SMS.

You must ensure that it adds value to user-end, not just advertisement, that way of managing it in well-manner, it will benefit from your app extensively.

In-app Ordering and Secure Payments


This feature of in-app ordering allows your customers to avoid the lines or the wait for the order to be accepted and processed. The facility to pay for food orders makes your customer convenience one step ahead.

Also, make sure about providing the most secure and convenient payment experience to the customer. In-app wallets are a favorite option to choose. You can link your payment with popular mobile wallets and make it easier for the user.

Integration of Loyalty, Discounts, Rewards For Your Customer


Almost many customers look up to many mobile apps in search of discounts or loyalty reward points. And this results in retaining your older customers back to your app. So, earning brand loyalty is simpler than generating brand awareness. To integrate this feature, discuss with the food delivery app development company and tell them to integrate rewards and loyalties in your app effectively.

Accessible to Multiplatform Google Play and App Store


It’s reasonable after mobile app development you want users to notice it. Furthermore, it would be only possible if your app is available on different platforms like the App Store and Google Play Store. It makes it visible to all the users of a different platform which converts into downloading and consequently increasing your user base.

Assure that you keep the quality of your restaurant apps in Google Play and App store. Sometimes it may happen that few apps whose versions work nicely on one platform and same conflicts on the other as the lack of the app quality.

Customer Reviews


A customer review is the most effective way of acquiring insights to improve your app. It is necessary to continuously review and make necessary modifications in your app to keep yourself up with your competitors.

Summing up


If you’re into a restaurant business looking to improve revenue, customer loyalty and retention or you’re investing in your next venture of online food ordering and or delivery service, then we can help your ideas to develop restaurant apps with useful features.

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