GoJek Digest 2021: What to expect? – Well, a comprehensive mobility solution with the corporate transport platform

GoJek Digest 2021: What to expect? - Well, a comprehensive mobility solution with the corporate transport platform

Started as a call center service to optimize the service of motorcycles, Ojeks, taxis, etc., in Indonesia in 2010, GoJek now is the first Indonesian unicorn startup. 

In 2015, GoJek launched its multi-service app with 4 services, including GoRide, GoSend, GoShop, and GoFood. Today, GoJek has transformed into a Super App offering over 20 services through one single app.

This huge transition happened when GoJek launched its digital payment service – GoPay. Initially, it was launched to connect informal transactions to the formal financial sector, later converted into the largest digital platform in Indonesia.

Today, GoPay enables convenient cashless transactions for Indonesians and processes almost $6.3 billion of annualized Gross Transaction Value (GTV).

If you are interested in knowing more about how GoJek climbed these mountains of success, what it offers to its customers, how does it work, and how to develop the GoJek clone app?

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Here we will see how the pandemic era worked for GoJek and what new we can expect from GoJek in 2021? So, let’s go: 

How the pandemic year 2020 went for GoJek?

Despite the pandemic-hit era, GoJek has seen stable growth with over US$12 billion annualized GTV this year. It has currently approximately 38 million monthly active users across Southeast Asia.

Meanwhile, GoPay transactions have also exceeded pre-pandemic levels in 2020. The reason being, both consumers and merchants prefer using digital payments more to avoid any human contact.

Recently, GoJek has launched a digital programmatic out-of-home (OOH) ad solution – Go Screen in Indonesia through its ad business arm Promogo.

Go Screen is said to be an affordable solution for brands of any size, including SMEs, to advertise their products on digital billboards and also on GoJek’s fleet of vehicles.

Go Screen enables brands to effectively reach their specific targeted audiences with customized content and also through location and time targeting features.

Also, brands can monitor the impressions in real-time and gain unique insights through an online dashboard to re-target their relevant consumers.

Other than Go Screen, GoJek has also launched another integrated solution named GoStore for Indonesian SMEs.

Go Store will support enterprises in selling their products online on social media. Go Store will also allow SME players to create their websites quickly, which will directly be linked to their social media pages to enable online sales with chat-applications integrated.

Go Store also integrates Gojek’s flagship services, such as Point of Sales (POS) system – Moka, for debit and credit card transactions – MidTrans, for digital payments – GoPay, and Go Send for delivery.

What’s coming in 2021 from GoJek?

GoJek is expanding its range of services by the first half of 2021, which includes a transport platform for corporate businesses and comprehensive mobility services to book larger vehicles.

This new corporate transport platform is worthwhile for employees because they can save their travel and waiting time in addition to affordable fares.

In 2021, GoJek will continue to focus on customer trust and safety, in line with the new normal (where hygiene, health, safety are paramount), and roll out even more safety features.

Gojek will partner in a virtual fun run named ‘Chipsley’s Virtual Run’ for a charity donation to empower seniors by improving their digital literacy.

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