Six Tips For Startups to Reduce Mobile App Development Cost


2019 is the era of technology. Every business is striving to stay on the top in the competition. Most of the companies are shifting towards usage of mobile apps to entice the customers and provide them better services.

Harry is a startup entrepreneur. He wanted to build a mobile app for his business. Being a non-technical person, he was not sure about the technical aspects. He was unaware about the process of the app and how much time it would take to build it. When he came to Coruscate, the only thing he knew was he wanted to launch his own mobile application to upgrade his business and reach a large audience. Coruscate promised him to develop his app at fixed-price and fixed-scope. Today, the app has more than 10000 downloads and he is successful in earning a huge undisclosable amount and has a large client base.

Ethan is a computer engineer. He left his job and started his own company for mobile app development. He knows the in and outs of applications. His only idea is to make it big by developing apps. He invested all of his life savings to work on his idea. He hired other freelancing developers. But, he couldn’t complete the design of the project on time. After the failure, he understood he needs someone who could help him complete the product design and convince the investors to believe in his idea. He partnered with Coruscate for building his app. Coruscate signed a NDA for his idea and designed his app in less than 2 months time. He could successfully convince the investors to believe in his application. After that, within less than a year, Coruscate completed the app for him which helped him earn millions right at the launch.

Stuart has an established enterprise. He already had a mobile app built for his business. With the changing times, he understood that his app was on the verge of becoming outdated. He needed a fresh design for his app to make it more user-friendly and target more customers. His partnership with Coruscate not only led to increase in his customers but gave new horizons to his business.

Wondering how Coruscate helped them generate more revenue?

We followed a simple strategy in all the 3 cases. We could empathize with our clients. And being in their shoes helped us to understand their actual requirements. We wanted to walk that extra mile to help them in making it big. Since, all the processes are done in-house at Coruscate, here is how we proceeded with the mobile app development.

» Planning

The most important step to start any development is proper planning. We did brainstorming sessions with the clients and our team separately and tried to get deep down into the requirements and to thrash out different ideas for the design of the application. Planning in advance before starting with the app development saved extra efforts and expenses to add any new feature after the app was ready.

» Sketching the design of the final product

Mobile app requires a lot of coding and we wanted to avoid trial and errors with actual coding. So, using a paper and pencil to chalk out the design of how the app and its user interface must look made sense. We tried various designs till each of the team member was convinced that the app design had achieved perfection and did not require further changes. We made a blueprint that was ready to come to life and conquer the world.

» Choosing the relevant platform for your app

Availability of three different platforms surely confuses each of us to decide which one would be fit to use. We helped the clients to decide which platform should they target depending upon their customer base. Making applications for all the three platforms would not be a great choice for people like Harry and Ethan. But, it was okay to have a cross platform application for the startups as well as the well established businesses.

» Integrating plugins

Integrating the pre-existing plugins helps the developer in developing the app in much shorter period of time with all the main features that you wish to have in your app. It is also cost effective as you can save the money on already existing features in an application.

» Optimum use of existing technologies

Outsourcing the development to an expert like us makes you avail all the templates and existing framework which we already have, saving a lot of your precious time.

» Testing / Validating

Before launching an app, you should make sure that all the features in your app are working fine. This is important in order to save your reputation and even to cut down the designing cost.

And to conclude, we deal with the complexities of app in a simple way. This helps you to save a lot of money and build an extraordinary app that helps you earn a lot of bucks!

Like Harry, Ethan and Stuart, you could succeed too. Give us a call and we can discuss about your idea. We believe in growing stronger together. Partner with us to take your business to new heights.

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