Microsoft Surface October 2019- The Six big Surface Exhibits

Microsoft Surface October 2019- The Six big Surface Exhibits

As promised in the previous blog for Microsoft Surface Event, we are back with the updates and announcements that were made at the event. Those who have missed the live streaming and wish to get a glimpse of the event don’t worry we have got you covered!

The Microsoft October 2019 event has concluded and as anticipated, they showed us the latest and greatest Surface hardware. That included the Surface Pro 7, Surface Laptop 3, the Surface Pro X and the dual-screen Surface Neo tablet. Along with that, we also got a glimpse of its surprise return to the smartphone market in the form of the foldable, dual-screen Microsoft Surface Duo.

All in all, Microsoft has launched six new devices with a swirl of a dual-screen tablet, dual-screen phone, and the Surface Buds wireless headphones in a triple “one more thing”, Apple-Esque final astonishment.
Read ahead to catch up on the key points of the event along with our opinions regarding those devices.

Main focus of Microsoft Surface 2019 launch:

  • Microsoft Surface Laptop 3
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 7
  • Microsoft Surface Pro X
  • Microsoft Surface Neo
  • Microsoft Surface Duo
  • Microsoft Surface Buds

Microsoft Surface 2019 event: as it befell

As Tom Warren quoted first, they had these Surface devices for everyone to create more anywhere in the world. Later, he also said that Microsoft has reimagined pretty much every part of the tech stack. They have transformed the way of how people interact with their devices. Also, they have remodeled the role of operating systems. There is a new app model to light up these new form factors. The company is also getting a video about instruments that will be called “the music of technology.” They want to create an opportunity for everyone to feel capable, confident and more in control.

Here are the details of the devices that Microsoft has unveiled in the event:

Microsoft Surface Neo: The future of Windows 10X is Dual Screen

The company is building a new version of Windows 10. The new version is intended solely for dual-screen and foldable devices. Windows 10X is also known by codename Santorini. Microsoft wishes to redesign Windows 10 for devices that are not yet built. These devices will be somewhat like flexible tablets that morph into being competent of laptop-like tasks. These devices will be like the newly introduced Surface Neo.

The Surface Neo is Microsoft’s idea where Windows 10X will brighten.

The device looks like a big, metal Moleskine journal when it’s closed. But it has two separate 9-inch displays that fold out to a full 13-inch workspace. The Surface Neo seems like Microsoft’s innovative Courier concept from 10 years ago is coming to life.

Surface Neo can switch into a variety of modes and has the standard high build quality of Microsoft’s hardware. There’s also a smart Bluetooth keyboard that flips, slides, and locks into place with magnets. The Bluetooth can be fastened to the rear of the device. They have also introduced a new Surface Slim Pen that connects magnetically, and it’s the same stylus Microsoft is using on the new Surface Pro X.

As quoted by Joe Belfiore, head of Windows experiences, Microsoft thinks that these new dual-screen devices can help the customers bridge the gap between consumption and productivity. These devices go beyond a traditional laptop and tablet because they support some exciting new positions.

Here is how you will be able to use Windows 10X devices:

» Note-taking: This mode allows you to have one full-screen app on each display. You can keep one of them as a browser on the top showing some video content and the other screen can be a note-taking app that a student is using in class. You can take down the notes using a pen or some separate hardware keyboard.

» Mobile presentation: This puts content like a PowerPoint story on the outside of the device. You can easily read notes on the inside and manage it with a keyboard.

» Portable all-in-one: This sets the dual-screen device in a book mode. The device in this mode can stand on a flat surface and you can use a detachable keyboard to work with it. It is just like using a dual-monitor setup at home.

» Reading: This mode includes using the device like a book with one or two hands. It also has the capability to use a stylus for light note-taking.

» Laptop: In this mode, one is allowed to use a software or hardware keyboard on one display and have typical content on the primary display up top.

Microsoft Surface Pro X and Surface Pro 7: Qualcomm over Intel

Microsoft has planned to launch two Surface Pro devices this year.

There is an advanced version to the regular Surface Pro line, the Surface Pro 7. And the second one is the new Surface Pro X.

The Surface Pro X looks a lot like the Surface Pro 7 from a distance, but there are some complex design changes. It has a bigger 13-inch display inside a 12-inch frame that’s thinner and lighter than the Surface Pro. The Surface Pro X model also has a new ARM-based Surface SQ1 processor. This is a chip that has been co-engineered amid Microsoft and Qualcomm.

There are two big hardware changes on the Surface Pro X model. The company has restructured the Type Cover so that a new Surface Slim Pen can fit into the top of the keyboard. It charges when it’s docked. And when the pen is removed, Windows 10 automatically pops up a sensible menu that allows you to write immediately.

Microsoft is also proposing detachable SSD storage on the Surface Pro X. There’s a small plate at the back under the kickstand, that can be used as a SIM tool to reach. The SSD storage is M.2 so it’s just fastened with a screw, and the nano-SIM slot is also available here.

The company has promised up to 13 hours of battery life. It also supports fast charge so you can get back to 80 percent battery in under an hour. They have also provided a built-in LTE connectivity so that you can use this Surface Pro X anywhere as a mobile PC.

Along with Surface Pro X, they are also renewing the old Surface Pro line with the seventh version. The Surface Pro 7 incorporates Intel’s latest 10th Gen processors. The company has provided options to pick from a dual-core i3 version or quad-core i5 and i7 models. The first model starts with just 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, they go all the way up to 16GB of RAM and 1TB of storage. The only real big change is that Microsoft is adding in this model is USB-C. It’s not a Thunderbolt 3 port, sadly, but you will be able to use it to connect USB-C accessories or to charge the device. Microsoft is also retaining the regular Surface Connect charging port here.

Microsoft’s Surface Laptop 3 appears in two sizes and with two separate processors

The announcement of the new Surface Laptop 3 is an update to the Surface Laptop 2 from last year. Surface Laptop 3 is quite similar to the previous models but it has two big changes. The laptop is now available in two distinct sizes.

The bigger model has an all-new processor co-developed with AMD. As for the smaller model, 13.5-inch Surface Laptop 3 starts at $999.The price of15-inch model starts $200 higher at $1,199. Both are open for preordering starting October 2nd.

The laptops are available in the same design and shape, with the same 13.5-inch, 3:2 aspect ratio Pixel Sense touchscreen. However, the touchpad has been made 20% larger.

A USB-C port has been incorporated in place of the Mini DisplayPort that was found on prior Surface Laptops as a part of big external change. The Laptop 3 is available with a single USB-A port, 3.5mm headphone jack, and Surface Connector like it was available previously. Laptop 3 can be purchased in four colors: black, silver, gold, and blue.

Inside the 13-inch model, they have placed Intel’s latest 10th Gen Core processors – either Core i5 or Core i7. Another new feature is enhanced repairability, which has been a subject of anxiety for the Surface Laptop line since its introduction.

The 15-inch model is the actual piece of attraction. It has a 15-inch screen and weighs 3.4 pounds and it now has a brand-new processor for Microsoft’s Surface computers. With an additional focus on the graphics processor over the standard Ryzen chips, the new chip is an AMD-based Surface Edition of the Ryzen 5 or Ryzen 7. It can be matched with up to 32GB of RAM. Curiously, the storage options top out at 512GB.

The company is promising up to 11.5 hours of battery life for both models. They have also introduced a new fast charging feature that can get the battery from 0 to 80 percent in less than one hour.

Microsoft’s big surprise at the event -new foldable Surface Duo phone running on Android releasing in holiday 2020

They had one last surprise in store for us at the Surface event: a foldable Surface Duo phone that runs Android. The design of the device is similar to Microsoft’s just-announced dual-screen Surface Neo laptop. But this device is on a smaller side which can be stored in your pockets. The Surface Duo emphasizes two 5.6-inch displays that are allowed to rotate 360 degrees. So, the Surface Duo is enabled to be fully unfolded like a miniature 8.3-inch tablet. Microsoft surface Duo specs source.

Neo utilizes dual screens on Windows whereas Duo works with dual screens on Android. This is the absolute best from Microsoft and it looks like they are into productivity phone. They are also partnering with Google for the best of Android.

While ending the event, Satya Nadella came up to wrap up the event and as an ending statement, he said that they wish to span experiences across devices and with all these devices they say they do really have a Surface for everyone.

So, try to get your hands on as many of those brand-new devices and if you wish to have the latest technologies for your business apps, we are here to help you out with anything you want. Thanks for reading!

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