A Marketing Guide For Your E-Scooter Application Business 2022

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You have just launched an on-demand e-scooter business. Now is the time to start advertising and selling. But the question is, what are the most effective ways to get your word out there? 

Even if you have not yet launched your on-demand app, this guide can help you create a roadmap. If you have a plan set and ready to go beforehand, you will have enough time to align your marketing activities with the product. 

Explore a few channels you can use to market you on-demand e-scooter app in 2022 

App Store Optimization (ASO)

This is like the SEO of the app development industry. It includes targeting keywords, app store category selection, having memorable app titles and icons. Another thing you should always include is the demo photos and videos and screenshots. 

Other optimization tools 

  • Optimizing for voice search 
  • Localize by translating the app in languages your target market knows
  • Regular testing and ASO practice

Content Marketing 

One of the most effective and least expensive methods of marketing your on-demand e-scooter application is content marketing. It includes 

  • Website Blogs and written content 
  • Social Media posts, videos etc 
  • Podcasts 
  • E-Books 
  • Live broadcasts and webinars 

Influencer Marketing 

This is one of the most popular methods of inexpensive and highly effective marketing. Influencers with a good engagement rate and reach, can help push your product in the market. 

A full fledged influencer marketing campaign can be expensive depending on which influencers you choose. But, in comparison to television or outdoor advertising, influencer marketing is less expensive. 


A simple approach of personalizing all the messages and notifications a user receives, goes a long way in marketing and PR. Instead of addressing your customers as “users” you can try words like “guests”. This makes the customer feel valued. 

Even better, you can address the customer by their first name instead of full names to maintain a tone of informality and affection. 

Take every data you have and turn into some form of personalized experience. Birthdays, anniversaries, likes and dislikes.Small touches like these will improve the connection your customers have with your service

Do not over-advertise 

It is also important to know how much advertising is good advertising . Even if you have a big budget at your disposal, over-advertising can turn your customers off. Marketing at its core, is a form of communication and information broadcast. 

Nobody likes to be overwhelmed with advertising. Focus on creating campaigns that are meaningful and leave an impact. Space out your campaigns so one does not overlap the other. 

Host events 

A rather traditional channel but still works like a charm.  You can host events and invite the media and social media influencers. You can showcase your application and what is your company’s mission. This will be helpful in getting the launch off the ground and word starts to spread in small and medium circles.

In the context of e-scooter app business, you can let the invitees enjoy the e-scooter ride and they might post about it on social media. 

Set a release date 

The release date of your application should not coincide with a similar launch or any important event. You do not want to be overshadowed by other things happening on the same day. To ensure maximum attention, pick out a date that does not clash with anything else in your schedule or your  competitors schedule. 

Choose a date which will always be celebrated as the anniversary of your application and not be overshadowed by some other event on that day. 

There are many other techniques you can use to market your on-demand application business. At Coruscate, clients come to us with an idea, a vision, we help them through with their marketing planning, app development, hardware sourcing and even government licensing. End to end solutions for you and your dream business. 

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